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SOLD -(NEW) Collings MF5-V mandolin, Italian Spruce over Birdseye Maple, Waverly tuners, James tailpiece – VARNISH – SOLD » Acoustic Music Works

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SOLD -(NEW) Collings MF5-V mandolin, Italian Spruce over Birdseye Maple, Waverly tuners, James tailpiece – VARNISH – SOLD

(NEW) We sell more than thirty Collings mandolins each year (48 in 2013!!) and we like to think we get a bit smarter with each instrument. We travel to Austin and we select our own woods. We spied this SPECTACULAR block of Birdseye Maple on a recent visit, large enough to yield a one-piece back, and we could only imagine how gorgeous it would be with a dark sunburst finish. We knew it would be gorgeous, but even we are knocked out by the final product.

This custom dark sunburst MF5 features a highly figured Birdsye maple back and ITALIAN spruce top, standard (1 and 1/8″) nut, TORTOISE bindings, Satin silver Waverly tuners with ebony knobs, and “Collings” engraved Satin silver James tailpiece.


We personally selected the woods for this mandolin when we visited Collings. We love Collings mandolins and the variety of tones we can dial in with different wood choices. One of our favorite customers, let’s call her Mary, swears the best sounding Collings mandolins are the Italian spruce over the very dense Birdseye maple. It makes for a very LOUD and uniquely responsive mandolin. It is a bit of a “Goldilocks” equation, with Italian spruce being slightly less stiff than Adirondack, but slightly more stiff than Engelmann. Just right!

The Italian top is “easily excited”, has that “gurgle” in the voice already and responsive to a light (or heavy) touch.

The Birdseye maple (one-piece) back is just stunning:


So..what do we get?  Just a gorgeous and off-the-charts fine, custom mandolin with subtle cosmetic touches that invite close inspection, tone that makes one play slowly and smile, and playability that makes one stay up late.

Another well considered and eagerly awaited custom mandolin that makes us very proud, and just slightly humbled by the consistency and relentless pursuit of excellence on display in each Collings instrument. 

Collings MF5 custom # 1801 with case.

MSRP: $11,660