SOLD – (NEW) 40th Anniversary Stiver Two-Point Mandolin – Honey Burst, Master Grade Woods – SOLD


(NEW) 40th Anniversary Stiver Two-Point Mandolin – Honey Burst, Master Grade Woods – SOLD –  (JS)

(NEW) We love Stiver mandolins, we know they are among the finest in the world,  and we get excited whenever we get our hands on one.  Imagine our excitement, then, now that we are able, exclusively, to offer the Stiver TWO POINT mandolin. And now, we can offer the exclusive 40th Anniversary Stiver 2-point! Otherwise known as the Charely Rappaport Signature model, since Charley helped design and personally approves each instrument, signs the special provenance label in each, and plays the first notes on each one. Like some old world Gypsy baptism, it is.

When Lou and I got together to discuss the idea for his 40th Anniversary mandolins, we couldn’t think of a lot of changes, since the 400 or so Stiver mandolins out there pretty much speak for themselves, and Stiver-owners tend to be some of the most contented and least likely to want to trade one away…so we kept it simple, but elegant.

Mr. Stiver honored our request for some very special wood – so he acquired a few sets of MASTER GRADE maple for us, large enough to yield a ONE-PIECE back, which we dearly love. The special woods add $450 to the MSRP. It is accessorized with a special *40th Anniversary* engraved James tailpiece and tortoise pick guard, IVOROID bindings with black purfling, gold strap buttons, and gold Gotoh tuners with IVOROID knobs. Price includes TKL brand rectangular case. Note: the profit from the sale of the Stiver dual-point mandolins fund the Pittsburgh Mandolin Society, a 501c.3 not-for-profit Arts organization, to support activities and outreach of the Pittsburgh Mandolin Orchestra, where Charlie Rappaport serves as Director.

(2016) MSRP: $6,950.

Serial # 346  (SOLD)

AMW Price: SOLD (JS)