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SOLD – Phoenix Neo-Classical Mandolin – Our Favorite Phoenix! – $3,250 » Acoustic Music Works

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SOLD – Phoenix Neo-Classical Mandolin – Our Favorite Phoenix! – $3,250

(NEW) We are HUGE fans of this model – as we are of all Phoenix mandolins, but we have to confess a special affection for this lightly braced and lightly crafted  model. For our mandolin orchestra types and those of Celtic influence…..the charming and visceral NeoClassical Phoenix…

This model is designed for light gauge strings (comes with Thomastik 154-K) and responds to a very light touch. The “NeoClassical” moniker may be slightly restrictive, as this mandolin covers so many bases, but is so light, so delicate, so articulate, warm, and so exhuberantly musical that the well earned NeoClassical name has stuck. However, do not let that stop you from getting one to play Irish, old-time, Jazz (or anything other than heavy metal and aggressive Bluegrass I would say)

Our Phavorite Phoenix!  Now in stock and ready to make you the proudest picker in Poughkeepsie, Portland, Paris, Prague, or Pittsburgh.

Simple: 8 strings, lite as a Pheather, with a voice that will ruin you for lesser instruments.  A voice that will make you question your priorities – and make you look for a job where you can take your mandolin to work!

And this one has Phabulous Phlame maple back! Includes a Phine Hiscox Phlite case!

STILL priced very reasonably for a truly hand-crafted instrument. All Phoenix mandolins include an extremely nice (and rugged) Hiscox flite case.

Serial # 656
AMW PRICE: $3,250 SOLD (JB) 

If you are planning ahead…we will receive another Neo-Classical in MAY, then another in JULY, then SEPTEMBER.