SOLD – (USED) (2006) Collings City Limits NAMM #1, Numero Uno? “NAMM # 1” – ON HOLD

(USED) Here’s something pretty special!

Collings surprised us all with ELECTRIC GUITARS at the 2006 NAMM Show in Austin, Texas. Up until that day, we considered Collings a company that made flat top and archtop acoustic guitars and mandolins. After building a bunch of prototypes (some of which have never seen the light of day) Collings quietly went through their first production run and  chose about a dozen special electrics and inscribed them with unique ivoroid “NAMM” badges in the control cavities, to forever declare and preserve their provenance as the best of the first run of Collings electric guitars. Why do we bring this up?

Because we have here, for your enjoyment, and for the inclusion into some lucky collector’s stable…

The Collings City Limits electric guitar that was special enough to be designated NAMM # 1

That’s right. it’s a 2006 Collings City Limits (Deluxe) in Crimson with a quilted maple top. The control cavity displays the ivoroid badge: 2006 Summer NAMM Show, Austin Texas. This is “NAMM # 1”.


It is numero Uno.

It has all the (then) standard features: BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD fretboard, Sperzel tuners, original Collings case, and Jason Lollar Imperial humbuckers. It is a prize. It has been played, but is in excellent (very clean) condition. We certainly see this nine-year old guitar as a potential “collectible” that will appreciate over time. But enough about that. While a number of CLs were made in 2006, this is the one that was selected to go to NAMM. It’s just fun to be holding NAMM NUMBER ONE.


Serial # CL  6034  (2006)  CL # 34 proudly displayed at the Austin, Texas 2006 NAMM Show new product rollout and designated: “NAMM #1”

Weight:  8.4 pounds

AMW Price: SOLD