(NEW) Collings Eastside LC (Standard Model) Merlot, With Dots, CC Pickup – $5,175

(NEW)  Every day brings another great Collings guitar or two to AMW. Tell your sister, tell your brother: AMW has Another.  This is another of our shop favorite Eastside LC, standard model, MERLOT, thank you very much. A thing of simple beauty with chops to match!  Includes that s-w-e-e-t Lollar Charlie Christian pickup.


The merlot color is difficult to photograph but easy to love.

A superb “acoustic” archtop guitar when the urge strikes and a versatile electric archtop guitar when the situation warrants.  100% Collings. 110% cool.

Serial # 15008
MSRP $5,750…
AMW Price: $5,175