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(NEW) Collings (Cherry Sunburst) City Limits with AGED Finish & ThroBak MXV Pickups – $4,790 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Collings (Cherry Sunburst) City Limits with AGED Finish & ThroBak MXV Pickups – $4,790

(NEW) Here’s something new!

A Collings City Limits with their new AGED FINISH and HARDWARE treatment.  In gorgeous Cherry Sunburst, this fine guitar includes fingerboard binding, cream pickguard, “aged” lacquer finish and tarnished nickel hardware. For this package, Collings uses figured light “Eastern” maple, and the SUPERB ThroBak ER MXV-Neck and MXV-bridge pickups on the guitar both of which add to its decidedly 1950′s vibe.

Now….imagine the irony!  A shop like ours often finds ourselves on the phone with a long-distance customer while we look at our Collings (and other fine) guitars under fluorescent light and magnifying glass, dutifully trying to describe any flaw, defect, scratch or “ding” and having the customer ask for a corresponding discount for every whisker, every scratch, every fingernail imprint. So it is with delicious irony that I take close-up shots of this guitar imagining that phone conversation where I am dutifully describing the tarnish, finish checking, and strategically applied belt buckle rash and dings to justify the added expense to the customer!  Makes one’s head spin, eh?  Seriously, we all know there is a significant market for “closet classics”, Relic’d, custom shop guitars. The ones that are done well sell for a well-deserved premium. So what do we have here?

Well…let’s be honest: this is a Collings. If you know anything about Collings, you know that if he’s going to do something, he’s going to do it well. So – we’ve got one of the first “Aged” Collings, from the hands of Bill and Aaron there in Austin. The special nitro lacquer is chosen to have less elasticity, then sprayed with a refrigerant to accomplish some (real, not simulated) checking.The nickel hardware is carefully tarnished to look naturally aged with a chemical, or with Bill’s sweaty hands, I am not sure which.

The amount of relic-ing (not their term) is quite light, and hard to photograph. This is not designed to look roadhouse abused, cigarette-burned, or dragged behind a truck. Nor does it look fake, tacky or gimmicky. It is, of course, their response to hundreds of customer requests to experiment with an aged “classic” custom look on a classic design. We like it. It looks OLD, but not ABUSED. It looks weathered, not wrecked. It’s got Bill Collings’ DNA in it…and on it!

“I ain’t broken…but I’m badly bent…”

It sounds amazing.

Collings shipped us this guitar with clear lexan cover plates to show off the cleanliness of their wiring and the control cavity, and their new capacitors. Standard color cover plates are in the case accessory pocket as well.

It looks aged, but it smells new.

Serial # 15890 (July, 2015) 

Weight: 7.9 pounds

MSRP: $ 5,325

AMW Price: $4,790