SOLD – (NEW) Collings 360 LT-M Baritone, Olympic White, Ash Body, Mastery Bridge and Tremelo – SOLD

(NEW) We’ve been waiting a long time for this day, the arrival of our first Baritone electric from Collings, and we aren’t so much impressed as…. elated?  Euphoric?  Flabbergasted?  Did we spell that right??

We’re using no hyberbole when we say that the 360 LT-M Baritone has the potential to be a complete game changer for your sound.  It’s no longer necessary to drop tune or switch string gauges to explore the treasure trove of deeper sonic territory.  The low string of this guitar rings a confident “B” in the standard baritone tuning, with the customary “E” starting on the open 5th string… there is literally no adjustment time, just play the way you always play, but expect rich, thunderous sounds to follow!

With a scale length of 27.5″ the 360 LT-M holds the *perfect* tension for its expanded range, with action and string tension that feel essentially the same to a standard electric running slightly heavier strings.  To give you an idea of the feel, the string gauges on this guitar are .014″ – .068″, and we’re not kidding when we say we hardly noticed.  The nut is 1 11/16″ and the maple neck is a very comfortable “C” profile.  With its 7.7 lb ash body, the guitar approaches LP weight, but we find ourselves equally repaid in sustain.

But of course it plays like a dream, it’s a Collings!  What about the sound?  Well, it will not disappoint.  The specially voiced Lollar P90s are excellent sounding, and between the neck, bridge and highly-useable middle position, there are myriad tones to be explored.  We love the neck position for thick, juicy leads, and we love the bridge position for more spanky, chicken-pickin’ grooves with alternating bass… the middle position does everything well.  We love everything about the way this guitar sounds.

The cherry on the cake is a flawlessly executed Mastery bridge and tremelo system.  We played our squiggliest, surfy-est chords for 20 minutes straight on this guy and it would not go out of tune.  Incredible.

Laying it on thick?  Maybe.  But that’s exactly what this instrument does so well!!!

Included deluxe Ameritage hardshell case.

Serial #17542
List Price: $4,100… AMW Price: $3,690 (SOLD S.B.)

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com