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(NEW) Collings 360 LT Jet Black, w/ Lollar Gold Foil pickups and Bigsby tremolo – $3,620 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Collings 360 LT Jet Black, w/ Lollar Gold Foil pickups and Bigsby tremolo – $3,620

(NEW) We are pleased to introduce the Collings 360 LT. This electric guitar features a level top made from Swamp Ash, Lollar Gold Foil pickups, a B5 Bigsby tremolo, Maple neck, and gold hardware. It’s handsome.

A new control layout brings the volume control and 5-position switch up within easy reach for volume swells and quick pickup-position changes. Its short 24.75″ scale length creates a snappy string attack that when combined with the chiming musicality of Lollar Gold Foil pickups, makes for a beautifully dynamic and responsive instrument with ringing sustain. These pickups must be heard in person to be appreciated!


Lollar hand stamp the foil inserts, one at a time – even the rivets holding the pickup together are custom made. As with all the pickups he makes four Collings, every aspect of the design has been scrutinized and tested – to sound right and last a lifetime.

Lollar Gold Foil is a single coil pickup with unusual clarity and power. Expect crystal clear top end with lots of in-your-face harmonic overtones, and a wide dynamic range that can make a typical tube amp give up the dirt – while retaining all the detail and “3D” you expect from a Lollar. Rubberized ferrite magnet with 44 gauge wire. Single conductor only.

We find this Black and gold 360 to be just right. We have a customer, let’s call him Brad, who tends to dress in black. He’s a solid performer and a good guy and he’s got a certain Man in Black charm. Raymond commented, on seeing this 360 for the first time, that this guitar looks like Brad “in guitar form”. Interesting…..

…and hey!  by the way! There is funky protective plastic sheeting on the gold foils and the pick guard which is messing with the quality of the photos. Please realize that the pickups and pick guard are much nicer looking when the protective coating is removed.

Serial # 15394

MSRP: $4,025
AMW Price: $ 3,620