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(USED) Collings OM3BaaaA Varnish, Adirondack, Brazilian – $9,975

(USED) We are privileged to handle many fine Collings guitars every year.  This one is special.  It sold in 2006 and has the distinction of being the very first varnish Brazilian RW orchestra model guitar that Collings produced. Having also the pedigree of “Style 3” and being clad with such high grade Brazilian rosewood, it is quite special indeed. So…feast your eyes on this VERY special Collings OM3BaaaA-Varn (Style 3 Brazilian OM

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(USED) Collings D1A Doghair, Black-Top – $4,950

(USED) A more rockin’ guitar we could not ask for… this D1A is just a feast for the eyes and ears.  Incredibly loud and authoritative, this guitar refuses to go unnoticed. Coming to us in EX+ condition, with no dings, scratches or fretwear, a lovely Adirondack-topped mahogany dreadnought from the master of mahogany dreadnoughts, Bill Collings. The distinctive “Doghair” finish

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(NEW) Kevin Kopp Advanced Jumbo, AJ, Adirondack, Madrose, Sunburst – $5,650

(NEW) This is a treat, a powerful AJ from our main man in Montana, master luthier Kevin Kopp! To those more familiar with jumbos of the short scale, “35” variety, the Advanced Jumbo is a whole other animal.  This guitar is a full 25.5″ scale, and though it’s not lacking in warmth and tonal complexity (thank you, Madagascar rosewood!) it

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(NEW) Pleinview Guitars Orchestra Model, German Spruce, Sacha RW – SOLD

(NEW) There’s a little workshop in the back of our store, where AMW luthier Raymond Morin and his partner Adam Rousseau build Pleinview Guitars.  They’ve got a few dozen under their belt at this point, and this latest is a custom OM, with German spruce top and Peruvian “Sacha” rosewood back and sides. We love German spruce on softer rosewoods,

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(USED) Shanti SF Model, Small Jumbo, Cutaway – $6,695

(USED) We’re often heard extolling the virtues of the small factories and shops that make up the bulk of our business… there is something comforting about the near-perfect fit and finish, not to mention the consistent high quality of sound that we’ve come to expect from our friends at Collings, Huss & Dalton and Bourgeois.  Every now and again, though,

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(USED) M.J. Franks Legacy Dreadnought, Adirondack, Brazilian – $5,795

(USED) Increasingly sought out for his ukuleles and resonators, Michigan luthier Mike Franks also builds a FINE traditional guitar!  We’re very pleased to present this Legacy dreadnought, featuring an Adirondack spruce top and figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides.  This instrument has all the guts and volume of a classic vintage Herringbone, with a nice booming bass but a midrange that

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(NEW) – OME Minstrel 12″ Mahogany Open Back Banjo – $2,135

  (NEW) Our best selling open back banjos are made in Boulder, CO by the good folks at OME. Continuing our obsession with these relatively new OME open back designs, this one is a MAHOGANY 12″  Minstrel model with all the great cluck, pop, clarity and warmth we have come to expect. OME really has a hit on their hands with these new

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(NEW) Collings CJ-35, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany, Sunburst – $4,860

(NEW) Slope-shouldered perfection!  The CJ-35 might well be the pinnacle of this classic design, combining the warm and woody sound of the originals with Collings’ signature midrange sparkle and just enough “thump”.  The CJ-35 is an excellent all-purpose guitar, ample in volume and not afraid of a pick, but certainly responsive enough for fingerstyle.  This one has a Sitka spruce

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(NEW) Collings CJ-35, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany – $4,320

(NEW) The CJ-35 takes Collings’ version of the Gibson Jumbo in a more vintage-inspired direction, with a warmer, woodier voice and the meatier Vintage Now neck. These specs make it a great all-rounder, perfect for strumming and accompanying singing, but no slouch when it comes to blues and fingerstyle. This one has a *flawless* Sitka spruce top and mahogany back

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(NEW) Waterloo WL-14 Scissortail, Sitka, Maple – $2,250

(NEW) This is Collings’ latest addition to his inspired line of guitars based on the simple, depression era catalog instruments of the 20s and 30s. The Waterloo WL-14 is the flagship model, and is still by far the most popular instrument in the line. The “Scissortail,” named for a bird local to Texas, takes the same L-00 shape and makes

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(NEW) Waterloo WL-JK Jumbo King, Sitka, Mahogany, Sunburst – $2,070

(NEW) The biggest guitar in the Waterloo lineup is the new vintage-style Jumbo King!  From the playful minds and skillful hands of the Waterloo division of the Collings Guitar Co. in Austin, Texas. Those folks have another WINNER on their hands!!  An American made, handcrafted vintage-style guitar with exceedingly fine intonation and playability. With a light weight and dry tone that calls to mind the

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(NEW) Beard “Copper Mountain” Round-Neck Reso-Phonic Guitar with Nashville Pickup – $2,000

NEW! SCARLET-BURST, ACOUSTIC-ELECTRIC RESO-PHONIC- Innovative design from our good buddies at Beard guitars. 12-fret thin-profile cutaway-body made with composite sides & arched back, and Finnish Birch top, all made funkier by Paul Beard’s triple-spun Legend Cone™ and Original #14™ Spider, and Bass reflex baffle. Additionally a GREAT-SOUNDING Pro grade Fishman Jerry Douglas Nashville pickup is installed, making this a great gig-ready workhorse and road-worthy

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(NEW) Beard Jerry Douglas “Black Beard” Square Neck Reso-phonic Guitar – $3,900

(NEW) A very exciting new model from the good folks at Beard Guitars. This is # 79. Called simply the “JD-BB”, It is the Jerry Douglas Signature Model “Black Beard” square neck resophonic guitar. The black finish is translucent and is a subtle but exceptionally beautiful finish. Master luthier Paul Beard and resonator guitar virtuoso Jerry Douglas have collaborated on the design of

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