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(USED) Martin Custom Shop 000, 14-Fret, Adirondack Spruce, Quilted Pommele – $3,150

(USED) Just in on consignment, a very cool Custom Shop Martin, built in Nazareth PA.  This 14-fret 000 is a combination of great appointments and compelling tonewoods, and the resulting instrument has a great sound and plenty of personality. The top is tight-grained Adirondack spruce, nothing too unusual there…  the braces are also Adirondack spruce, 1/4″ scalloped in the 6A

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(USED) Martin HD-28 MP, Madagascar Rosewood, Sitka Top – $2,750

(USED) Just in on trade Martin HD-28 MP, their flagship square-shouldered dreadnought souped up with forward shifted bracing, Madagascar rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top.  This is a 2011 model with some very nice looking Madrose.  It has a 1 3/4″ nut and 2 3/16″ string spacing at the saddle, and of course is full 25.4″ scale

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(USED) Martin Custom Shop 0-18, 14 Fret, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany – $2,495

(USED) Here is a little firecracker from the Martin Custom Shop, a single “0” 14-fretter with Sitka spruce top, Mahogany back and sides and Adirondack spruce braces.  This guitar has a very vintage vibe, is extremely comfortable to hold and play, and sounds just lovely.  We know many of you are always on the lookout with such a guitar! This

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(USED) Martin 00-17S, 12-Fret Depression-Style Guitar, Sunburst Finish – $1,295

(USED) With the success of high-end low-end guitars like Waterloo and entry level guitar like Recording King’s Dirty 30s series, Martin decided that it was time to get into the game with their own interpretation of a depression-era catalog guitar.  The 00-17s is actually a fine little guitar, with Gibby-inspired looks but a very Martin sound. The construction and cosmetics

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(USED) Martin OM18 Authentic 1933, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – $3,595

(USED) Our favorite Martins being made today are the ones that tip their hats to yesterday, and the lightly-built Authentic series is a great way to experience pre-war Martin magic in a new guitar.  Meticulously crafted to be spec-perfect recreations of some of Martin’s very best designs, these always look and sound superb. Here is an incredibly clean OM18 Authentic

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SOLD – (USED) Martin D28 Authentic 1937, VTS Adirondack, Madagascar RW – SOLD

(USED) Just in on consignment and in excellent condition, we have a late model D28 Authentic 1937, one that utilizes Martin’s VTS torrefaction technology to achieve its vintage sound.  It sounds very good indeed, with warm, pillowy bass, sparkly trebles and plenty of volume. The Martin Vintage Tone System is a process wherein the top is thermally cured (or torrefied) to

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(USED) 2001 Martin D35, Sitka, East Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(USED) Just in on consignment from a good local customer, a great guitar for the jam or the festival, a well-played D35. This guitar has had a fair amount of regular maintenance, including a warranty neck reset and bridge re-glue. The original tuners have been replaced with Gibson-style Grovers. There is reasonable fret wear under the B string, and the

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(USED) Martin D-41 Dreadnought, Sitka, Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(USED) There are few acoustic guitars more iconic than the pearly rosewood dreadnoughts built by the C.F. Martin company.  Here is an incredibly clean used example, showing not a hint of play wear.  Very nice tight-grained Sitka spruce top with abalone rosette and top border.  Indian rosewood back and sides, bound ebony fingerboard w/ large abalone inlay.  1 11/16″ nut and

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(USED) Martin Custom Shop 00, 00-18, Adirondack Top – SOLD

(USED) Just in on consignment, here’s a mahogany 00 from the Martin Custom Shop with spectacularly wide-grained Adirondack spruce on top! This model is from 2014, and in excellent condition with hardly any sign of play (a few pic marks on the pick guard). We feel that the Martin Custom Shop builds their best instruments, and this one has a

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SOLD – (USED) Martin D-28 Authentic 1937, Adirondack Spruce, Madagascar Rosewood – SOLD

(USED, EX!) Many have done it, and many have done it well… but only one company did it first!  Undeniably the most popular and influential flat-top guitar design in history, C.F. Martin’s dreadnought.  From bluegrassers to singer-songwriters and everything in between, there has never been a guitar that has brought more music to more people.  Of course, many of us

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(USED) Martin OM-JM, John Mayer Signature Model – SOLD

(USED) Here we have a late model, EX+++ condition John Mayer signature Martin OM. As most people know, Martin doesn’t seem to do anything too wild with their signature guitars, often just a set of cosmetic appointments that reflect the artists tastes and a signature inlayed into the fingerboard. It’s an approach that has served them well, as evidenced by

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