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(NEW) Collings SoCo Vintage White – $4,770

Hello! Our first SoCo in the translucent Vintage White finish. We’ve had Vintage White ukuleles and several Collings 290 models, but the large footprint of the SoCo really takes advantage of the white finish, set off beautifully as it is by the black binding and top purfling. She’s a beauty!!  Interested in a classically beautiful electric guitar, for a grownup? Usually

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(NEW) Collings Eastside LC, Tobacco Sunburst – $4,950

(NEW) Another eagerly awaited Eastside LC, in tobacco sunburst. These are the real deal – an archtop with more-than-credible acoustic tone but splendiferous electric tone. Everyone needs one of these. Everyone “wants” an AT-16, but everyone actually really “needs” one of these… Serial# 13087 List Price: $5,500… AMW Price: $4,950 Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via

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