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SOLD – OME Jubilee mahogany banjo (open back) FRETLESS!!! – SOLD

(NEW) Our best selling open back banjos are made in Boulder, CO by the good folks at OME. Continuing our obsession with these relatively new OME open back designs, we thought we’d go “all the way back” and order a fretless model – Tanya at OME recommended the 12″ JUBILEE model in mahogany with varnish finish for the clarity and warmth we have

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SOLD – OME Custom Southern Cross, Walnut, Radiused Brazilian fretboard – SOLD

(NEW) As promised, our latest custom banjo from our good friends at OME in Boulder, Colorado – a professional grade Bluegrass style (Claro Walnut) AGED BRASS plated resonator banjo in high gloss finish with a TONY PASS thin skirt BIRCH rim and OME’s great new HG50 “pre-war” bronze alloy flathead Bluegrass tone ring. Presto tailpiece, double-cut peghead style, Remo head, Sosebee

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(NEW) Wildwood Exotic Wood Series – $1,975

NEW and positvely magnificent! 11″ traditional open back banjo built with Bubinga, Wenge, and Maple woods with frailing scoop and Grenadillo wood tone ring. Neck has laminated center strip of contrasting woods (maple & wenge) and the neck and rim are bound with curly maple! Wonderfully lightweight banjo with plenty of volume and a bright but woody tone … A thing

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SOLD – Huss & Dalton Owens Mill Mahogany Custom – $2,650 SOLD

(NOS) (NEW OLD STOCK) In addition to over 4000 guitars, Jeff Huss & Mark Dalton have built several hundred banjos and are doing their mentor Geoff Stelling proud while finding their own voice in these fancy and great sounding instruments. More “traditional” sounding than Stelling, they have that Mastertone growl with their own unique pop and sparkle that comes from the

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