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(USED) 2006 John Walker Wise River (Slope D) – SOLD

(USED) We love when we get these. We are big fans! We present this very fine sounding Wise River model from John Walker. This pre-owned guitar, and like all Walkers, captures the “vintage Gibby” better than just about anything out there. It has a superb sound, and is extremely light. John Walker was a long time employee of the Gibson Guitar

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(USED) Huss & Dalton TDR Custom, Adirondack Top – $3,595

(USED) The classic traditional dreadnought. No one builds a finer traditional dreadnought than Huss & Dalton. This big old rosewood powerhouse is positively magnificent with big “vintage” tone to match. Big open locomotive bass and strong trebles. A mighty fine bluegrass rhythm or strumming guitar. This one was ordered with drop-in saddle instead of the standard cut thru saddle and

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(USED) E. A. Foley Brazilian Rosewood MC model Mid-Size Cutaway, Abalone Everywhere! – $9,250

(USED) Here’s something you don’t see every day: A Brazilian Rosewood guitar by E.A. Foley that re-defines the word “fancy”. When we say fancy, let me say I have not seen this much pearl since well…..ever! This appears to be a model M-C , a 16″ lower bout (4″ body depth) model M with cutaway. It was built in 1993 and

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SOLD – (USED) (1994) Santa Cruz 12 fret- (OOO) OM-41, Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack spruce – SOLD

(USED) (1994)  A fine used Santa Cruz Brazilian Rosewood 12-fret OM, serial # 399 (1994) There is not a lot we can say. This is a GREAT sounding guitar, lightly built, with a sweet fully developed voice, harmonic complexity and abundant warm overtones. If fancy Brazilian Rosewood Orchestra Model guitars interest you, you should be interested! Pull up a chair, put on some headphones – take

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SOLD – (USED) (2011) Bill Tippin DST-QM 12 fret dread, Quilted mahogany, Adirondack spruce, Art Deco design – SOLD

(USED) Just Arrived. Very clean custom Tippin DST serial # 0201111 We have had the opportunity to handle more than a dozen Tippin guitars, and we go out of our way to be very generous when we get opportunities to take them on trade. This fine custom example (like all Tippins) is light and has surprising volume, great playability, no stifness whatsoever, and expressive TONE

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(USED) Goodall TBRD Traditional Dreadnought, Brazilian Rosewood, Master Grade Adirondack spruce w/ K&K pickup – $7,500

(PRE-OWNED) – Back  in the good ole days, circa 2005, we handled quite a few of James Goodall’s guitars that were, at that time, being made in Hawaii. The guitars had island charm, compelling sound and masterful playability and workmanship. Many of our friends and customers thought Goodalls were the “ideal” guitar, one that took some “growing into” as it were for the complexity and lushness

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(USED) (1998) Collings D2HBaaA – Brazilian RW, AO1 process! Adirondack – $6,950

 (USED) An exceptionally powerful Collings D2H with deeply colorful figured Brazilian rosewood. This Brazilian was rated “AA” back in 1998. Ah, remember the carefree days of 1998?  Pre- Y2K? Pre-crash.  Back when all we cared about were guitars and Monica Lewinsky? This guitar – serial # 3972 – left Austin in June of 1998 and has been around the world and has

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(SOLD) (USED) Franklin Brazilian Rosewood, German spruce – Custom OM. One for the Ages – SOLD

Well bust my britches…..  (JUST ARRIVED, Pre-Owned) You know we are privileged to “handle” many fine guitars every year. We get up close and personal. We drag ourselves in here every day at the crack of Noon and we dig in. It’s a tough job, but it has to be done. We recently received this guitar, and were going to hold it back and

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(SOLD) (USED) Kevin Kopp Nick Lucas, Maple – SOLD

(USED) Just arrived. Taken on trade on a Huss & Dalton Brazilian Rosewood guitar. This is a stunningly beautiful Nick Lucas model from Kevin Kopp of Bozeman, MT, and to say that we are impressed would be a severe understatement. The instrument has fit and finish rivaling the finest boutique builder, and the tone is PERFECT. Watch this site for more KOPP

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1939 Martin D18 – SOLD

(USED) (1939) Just back from restoration (neck reset, new fretboard, frets, re-finish, new bridge, saddle, nut, bridgeplate, and new Waverly tuners) by Dave Musselwhite. A tremendous sounding early (1.75″ neck) 1939 D-18. What a nice neck! Purchased from the widow of the original owner, this one-owner Martin had had some non-standard repairs done in the 1970’s (rosewood bridge and fretboard,

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(SOLD) 1977 Bozo Podunavac Custom Bell Western Cutaway, Brazilian – SOLD

(USED) Here’s something you don’t see every day!  A Brazilian rosewood Bozo Bell Western cutaway. Built as a custom order by Bozo Podunavac in 1977. This is one fine guitar. Bozo’s Serbian heritage is on full display on this very ornate instrument. With impeccable workmanship and playabilty, Bozo guitars are highly prized. The list of players (Leo Kottke, John Fahey,

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