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(USED) Collings OM3BaaaA Varnish, Adirondack, Brazilian – $9,975

(USED) We are privileged to handle many fine Collings guitars every year.  This one is special.  It sold in 2006 and has the distinction of being the very first varnish Brazilian RW orchestra model guitar that Collings produced. Having also the pedigree of “Style 3” and being clad with such high grade Brazilian rosewood, it is quite special indeed. So…feast your eyes on this VERY special Collings OM3BaaaA-Varn (Style 3 Brazilian OM

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SOLD – (USED) National Estralita Deluxe, Wood Body, Single Cone – SOLD

(USED) Here’s a gen-u-ine National that will have you rocking, rolling and tumbling without breaking the bank (or your back!)  The Estralita is a very cool, wood-bodied, single-cone reso-phonic guitar with tons of vibe and tons of sound.  Significantly lighter than a steel or brass-bodied reso, but has the funky sound that you want in such an instrument… and gosh,

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(USED) Collings D1A Doghair, Black-Top – $4,950

(USED) A more rockin’ guitar we could not ask for… this D1A is just a feast for the eyes and ears.  Incredibly loud and authoritative, this guitar refuses to go unnoticed. Coming to us in EX+ condition, with no dings, scratches or fretwear, a lovely Adirondack-topped mahogany dreadnought from the master of mahogany dreadnoughts, Bill Collings. The distinctive “Doghair” finish

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(USED) Shanti SF Model, Small Jumbo, Cutaway – $6,695

(USED) We’re often heard extolling the virtues of the small factories and shops that make up the bulk of our business… there is something comforting about the near-perfect fit and finish, not to mention the consistent high quality of sound that we’ve come to expect from our friends at Collings, Huss & Dalton and Bourgeois.  Every now and again, though,

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(USED) M.J. Franks Legacy Dreadnought, Adirondack, Brazilian – $5,795

(USED) Increasingly sought out for his ukuleles and resonators, Michigan luthier Mike Franks also builds a FINE traditional guitar!  We’re very pleased to present this Legacy dreadnought, featuring an Adirondack spruce top and figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides.  This instrument has all the guts and volume of a classic vintage Herringbone, with a nice booming bass but a midrange that

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SOLD – (USED) National Triolian, 12-Fret, Steel Body – SOLD

(USED) Here is resophonic guitar at its most elemental… a wonderful Triolian from National!  Single cone and steel of body, this one has “the sound!”  It shimmies, it shakes, it hums (but it don’t rattle, sorry).  Just back from National for some finish touch up on the neck, this guitar has a fresh setup and plays like butter. 1 13/16″

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(USED) Julius Borges L-00, Adirondack Spruce, Maple – SOLD

(USED) We are very pleased to present a phenomenal handmade L-00 by master luthier Julius Borges, based in Groton MA.  Borges’ guitars are highly prized and considered some of the finest traditionally inspired instruments available.  Hot hide glue construction, traditional dovetail necks, Adirondack braces and a thin nitro over shellac finish give his guitars the sound and feel of the

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(USED) Bourgeois JOM Deluxe, Adirondack, Figured Mahogany – SOLD

(USED) Many Bourgeois players believe that Dana’s original Jumbo Orchestra Model is about the perfect guitar… with an increased body depth, and about a 20% bigger box overall, the JOM adds volume and bass response that a standard Orchestra Model doesn’t quite muster.  The tight waist keeps the tone impeccably balanced, though, and like all Bourgeois guitars this one has

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(USED) 2012 John Allison Dreadnought, Adirondack Top, Sunburst – $2,695

(USED) John Allison earned his stripes as a builder and sunburst artist at Collings before starting his own family brand in Austin, TX.  He makes a variety of acoustic and electric instruments, and also does professional finish work for a number of other companies. This guitar is Allison’s take on the pre-war D18, an Adirondack-topped mahogany dreadnought with a beautiful

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(USED) 1977 Thomas Reg’n 12-String, Sitka, Rosewood – $1,075

(USED, VINTAGE!) Here is a wildly-cool handmade 12-string guitar from German luthier Thomas Reg’n, whose work seems to be very rare indeed in this country.  It is very “70s” in every way, built like a tank and featuring bold appointments and a long open-book peghead. This guitar has a big, authoritative voice, and plays very nicely in both dropped and

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(USED, MINT) Collings C10, Sitka, Walnut – $3,125

(USED, MINT) You know how we love the Collings C-10 model. It wears many hats and does everything well. So, when Collings told us he had “discovered” that Black walnut was an excellent tonewood for (smaller) guitars, we jumped on the bandwagon and ordered the basic C-10 model in Black walnut – because we care. Sure enough, the walnut adds

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(USED, MINT) Collings 02HG 12-String, German Spruce, Rosewood – SOLD

(USED, MINT)  The Collings 12-string guitar. That’s right. 12 strings. As you can imagine, it is the BEST playing 12-string we have ever laid fingers on. We knew something was special when the first of these guitars arrived (after 3 days in a UPS truck – after traveling 1470 miles from Austin to Pittsburgh) tuned to concert pitch and PERFECTLY

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(USED) 2001 Martin D35, Sitka, East Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(USED) Just in on consignment from a good local customer, a great guitar for the jam or the festival, a well-played D35. This guitar has had a fair amount of regular maintenance, including a warranty neck reset and bridge re-glue. The original tuners have been replaced with Gibson-style Grovers. There is reasonable fret wear under the B string, and the

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SOLD – (USED) Collings CJ-35, Sunburst, Sitka, Mahogany – SOLD

(USED, MINTY!) Here is a stellar example of the Collings CJ-35, a twist on their standard jumbo model that takes it in a more vintage-inspired direction.  The goal with this model was to make a slightly warmer, slightly mellower version of the standard CJ, one that might remind the player more of a classic wartime Gibson… but of course, Collings being

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(USED) Early (1994) Collings BRAZILIAN Rosewood OOO2H Custom – No Logo – $7,250

(Just arrived)  (USED) We are privileged to “handle” many fine Collings guitars every year.  This one is special. It was built in the original Collings shop in April of 1994 (serial #1355) and was ordered specifically WITHOUT the Collings logo on the slotted headstock. It does have, however, a very cool vintage-inspired “hot stamp” of the Collings logo on the reverse side of the

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