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(USED) Collings CJ-35, Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, K&K Installed – $2,950

(USED) A few years back, Collings reimagined their Jumbo model, laying out a selection of spec and materials choices that would culminate in a more vintage-inspired voicing. The CJ-35 takes the woody, throaty sound of Collings’ slope shouldered dread, thickens it up a smidge, warms it up a pinch, and the resulting guitar does everything exceptionally well. Sitka spruce top

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(USED) Breedlove Exotic CM Classic, Cedar Top, Figured Walnut, Sunburst – ON HOLD

(USED) Dare to be different!  This CM Classic shows off the unique vision of Kim Breedlove and his team of builders, it’s a distinctive guitar with a head-turning shape and a loud, modern tone. The CM is roughly the size of an OM/000, but with a bit more body depth for bass response.  This one has a very responsive Cedar

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(USED) Larrivée 000-50, Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides – SOLD

(USED) We always enjoy it when a Larrivée guitar rolls through our store, we think that they are an great value and have a very compelling, balanced sound.  They are also workhorses, tough enough to survive regular gigging and travel.  Indeed, we have some customers who have played one guitar for 30-40 years, and that guitar is a Larrivée. This

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(USED) Martin 00-17S, 12-Fret Depression-Style Guitar, Sunburst Finish – $1,295

(USED) With the success of high-end low-end guitars like Waterloo and entry level guitar like Recording King’s Dirty 30s series, Martin decided that it was time to get into the game with their own interpretation of a depression-era catalog guitar.  The 00-17s is actually a fine little guitar, with Gibby-inspired looks but a very Martin sound. The construction and cosmetics

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SOLD – (USED) Circa 1980 Gallagher 72 Special, Sitka, Rosewood Dreadnought – Lower Price – SOLD

(USED) Here is a guitar that has some stories to tell!  This Gallagher dread has been all over the world as the primary tool of a professional touring folk musician… now it’s ready to take on new life in someone else’s capable hands. It looks the part, that’s for sure… dozens of dings and scratches and ample finish wear reveal

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(USED) Collings D2G, German Spruce Top, Rosewood, Vintage Now Neck – SOLD

(USED) Some of our very favorite Indian rosewood dreadnoughts have German spruce tops, and Collings understands this tonewood combination very well indeed.  The German spruce, being typically stiffer than Sitka, brings a focus to the overtones inherent in the rosewood, so the resulting guitar is loud and warm, but also very articulate with just a dash of complexity.  The top

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(USED) Martin OM18 Authentic 1933, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – $3,595

(USED) Our favorite Martins being made today are the ones that tip their hats to yesterday, and the lightly-built Authentic series is a great way to experience pre-war Martin magic in a new guitar.  Meticulously crafted to be spec-perfect recreations of some of Martin’s very best designs, these always look and sound superb. Here is an incredibly clean OM18 Authentic

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ON HOLD – (USED) (2008) Santa Cruz Tony Rice Professional, German Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood – ON HOLD

(USED) Here’s something you don’t encounter every day… As described by the Santa Cruz Guitar Company: The Tony Rice Professional Model has been further refined (from the standard Tony Rice model) to offer the same specifications as used on Mr. Rice’s personal guitar. Old growth Brazilian Rosewood of the quality seen in the best vintage instruments and European Spruce (usually chosen from stock from

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(USED) Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Signature Model, Florentine Cutaway Jazz Box – SOLD

(USED) Gibson Herb Ellis ES-165 in wine red finish. A luxury Custom Shop special edition based on Herb’s classic ES-175. Overview: A BJB floating pickup on the Gibson ES-165 Herb Ellis Electric Guitar produces warm, round, and articulate tone for peerless jazz flavor. Single volume knob on the pickguard keeps it simple and keeps the top wood pristine for amazing

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(USED) Collings C10 Deluxe, Black Top, Doghair Back and Sides – $4,295

(USED) This C10 Deluxe was designed to turn heads.  Sporting a black top, Collings’ world-famous “Doghair” finish on the back and sides, and bold perloid peghead and pick guard, it’s impossible not to notice this guitar.  Made to be played, studio or stage, let no man say that this C10 does not ROCK. Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides,

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(USED) Collings 000-41, Adirondack, Brazilian Rosewood, Excellent Sound! – SOLD

(USED) “What’s the best guitar in your shop right now?”  It’s a question that we get on an almost daily basis, and as guitar geeks with wide and variegated tastes, we usually end up unable to pick a dozen favorites, never mind just one particular guitar… BUT… all that said, if you call us today and ask that question, this

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(USED) Beard RF Round-Neck Resophonic Guitar, Mahogany, Full Body Burst – $3,250

(USED, JUST ARRIVED) The R Body Shape is the smallest of the Beard Guitars line. It produces the clear sustained highs and punchy low-end associated with a traditional Dobro sound. The Beard R, Vintage R, RF, Tut Taylor™, and RFB Models have the R body shape. The Beard RF Model combines a traditional R body shape and F holes with Paul

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(USED) 1996 Collings C10 Cutaway, Sitka, Mahogany, Sunburst – $3,695

(USED) Another “vintage” Collings has arrived!  This C10 dates from October of 1996, and is one of the earliest Collings guitars currently in our shop.  We get many calls for Collings guitars that are structurally sound but might have some “character marks” or “battle scars” and this is one of those instruments.  Ready to gig and not afraid of dings!

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(USED) Bozo Podunavac 12-String, Sitka, East Indian Rosewood – $5,975

(USED) The late Bozo Podunavac had a world-wide reputation for building distinctive, powerful guitars, and they can be heard on many seminal guitar albums, notably “6 and 12 String Guitar” by Leo Kottke.  John Fahey and Johnny Cash also played Bozo guitars over the years.  The sound is unmistakeable, and the responsiveness and volume of a Bozo seems at odds

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SOLD – (USED) Collings CJ, Sitka, Maple, Short Scale – SOLD

(USED)  A simply remarkable Collings Jumbo. As Advanced Jumbos go, it’s hard to get more “Advanced” than one of these. Just arrived back on consignment, this iconic Collings CJ deluxe, this one in flame maple and Sitka spruce in SHORT SCALE. Nice. Add nickel Waverly tuners, tortoise pickguard, 1 and 3/4″ bone nut, very tasteful “flourish” peghead inlay, and tortoise binding and cosscut ivoroid purfling all over. The stars just aligned

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