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(NEW) Waterloo WL-14 XTR, X-Braced, Truss Rod, Sunburst – $1,890

(NEW) The vintage-inspired guitar that has inspired the world, there are now almost 2500 Waterloos making players and audiences happy!  Most popular among the Waterloo offerings is still the flagship WL-14. This guitar is an L-00 sized guitar, inspired by the Kalamazoo KG-14, built by Gibson for the catalog market during the depression era.  Waterloo guitars have a dry, direct,

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(NEW) Deering Eagle II Resonator 5-String Banjo – $2,539

(NEW) One of our favorite offerings from the Deering Banjo Co., The Eagle II banjo represents the latest in tone ring innovation from the collaborative efforts of Greg Deering and Jens Kruger. It features the ground breaking patented Twenty Ten Tone Ring – a Deering original crafted unlike any other traditional tone ring. Made of brass and producing a tone with

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(NEW) Collings CJ Mh, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, Short Scale, Sunburst – $4,905

(NEW) Some guitar designs are evergreen, and there will always be a place in our hearts for a Gibby-style jumbo.  Indeed, there is so much to love about these slope shouldered dreadnoughts, they have an authoritative voice, big and woody, that blends exceptionally well with singing (but can definitely hold its own for leads, hot fingerpicking or heavy strumming). This

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(NEW) Waterloo WL-S Deluxe, “Stella” Inspired, Ladder Braced, Varnish – SOLD

(NEW) The rarest and most prized guitar in the Waterloo lineup is the WL-S Deluxe.  These are built in small batches a few times a year, they don’t come around very often and they don’t last long when they do!  When you play one, it’s not hard to see why! Based on a historic Stella model, the WL-S Deluxe is rich

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(USED) Kevin Kopp “The Bird” Dreadnought, Sitka, Mahogany, Sunburst – $4,250

 (USED, EX) Back in our shop on consignment, another glorious guitar from our favorite Montana luthier Kevin Kopp! Kopp does better than just about anyone capturing the spirit of the best vintage American flat tops.  This model, dubbed “The Bird” is a short-scale (just 24 5/8″) square-shouldered beauty that has a very sweet and warm yet articulate sound.  The instrument just

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SOLD – (NEW) Collings Baby 1 Mh, Figured Mahogany, Very Special – SOLD

(NEW) Some time ago, Collings called us with an offer of a few very special sets of highly figured mahogany, top/back/side sets that were of tight flame and cut sequentially from the same board.  This offer doesn’t come around very often, and we decided to do something truly unique: an all-mahogany Baby!  When this little wonder arrived, we couldn’t stop

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton Pilgrim Dreadnought, Large Soundhole, Cooked Adirondack Spruce, Madagascar Rosewood – $5,985

(NEW) We really can’t take credit for inventing much in the world of musical instruments, but sometimes, in a fit of inspiration, we help something great to come into being.  One such case: a couple years ago, we got on the phone with Mark Dalton and asked him if he had ever considered building a “Tony” style dreadnought, you know…

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SOLD – (NEW) Huss & Dalton DM Custom, Torrefied Sitka Spruce, Mahogany, Large Soundhole – SOLD

(NEW) Boy, we really are spoiled.  From the incredible team at Huss & Dalton, here we have a *killer* mahogany dreadnought, big and bass-y, warm and wonderful. The DM is Jeff and Mark’s spin on the classic “18” style, square-shouldered dreadnought.  They use Adirondack bracing exclusively, and the DM comes standard with an enlarged soundhole, handsome maple binding and Schaller

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SOLD – (USED) Collings 290 Single Cutaway, Lollar P90s, Black w/ Tortoise Pick Guard – SOLD

(USED) If you’ve been waiting for a Collings electric to come along at the right price, you could do much worse than this 290 that just came in on trade!  This one already has a few bumps and bruises, so no need for you to worry about dinging it up on stage… it’s ready for rock n’ roll. Single cutaway,

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(USED) Bourgeois DB Signature OM, Orchestra Model, Adirondack, Brazilian Rosewood, Sunburst – $7,795

(USED, BARELY) Dana Bourgeois has built more than his share of lifetime OMs, and his DB Signature instruments are among his very best.  This one had a short stay in a large collection before developing a minor back crack, which was impeccably repaired at the Bourgeois shop shortly after.  With their spot-on finish repairs, we honestly can’t figure out where

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton T-0014 “Road Edition” with Torrefied Sitka, Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(NEW) Oh, we’ve got guitars! Shiny ones, expensive ones, vintage ones… this T-0014 is none of the above! Part of Huss & Dalton’s “Road Edition” line, wherein a satin finish, simple cosmetics and slightly less expensive tuners add up to create a no-nonsense, handmade guitar that looks and sounds great without breaking the bank. The 14-fret 00 has been a

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(NEW) Collings D1A Traditional, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – $5,535

(NEW) Wow.  Goodness.  I mean… wow! Collings has really done it this time… created a single guitar that can be justifiably knick-named either “Beauty” or “BEAST!”  The rumble that emerges from this guitar when strummed is the stuff of legend.  It’s a deep, moving sound.  One of the warmest brand-new Collings dreads we’ve ever heard! The Traditionals are mapping the

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(USED) Collings OM1 Traditional, OM1-T, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany – SOLD

(USED) Just in on trade, a guitar that we sold “new” just a month or so ago! If the sound of a standard Collings is a bit “bright” or “modern” for your ears, take a look at the new Traditional line.  These instruments have a number of spec adjustments and construction nuances that give them a warmer, more vintage-inspired tone, right out

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(USED) 2016 Gibson J45 Standard, Sitka, Mahogany – SOLD

(USED) From the Bozeman MT shop and just in on trade, here is a very recent example of the iconic Gibson J45 jumbo / slope D in mahogany. This is a short scale guitar with a 1 23/32″ nut and 2 3/16″ string spacing at the saddle. It has the famous Gibson tobacco sunburst finish on a Sitka spruce top,

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(USED) Oriskany 00, L-00, 14-Fret, Engelmann Spruce, Bubinga – $3,150

(USED) The luthiery boom of the last 10-15 years has produced dozens of world-class luthiers and thousands of spectacular guitars. With the advent of the internet and online forums, not to mention more luthiery schools and the community’s willingness to share information, many of the “secrets” to making a great sounding instrument have been unlocked, and we, the players, are

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