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(NEW) Beard Deco Phonic Model 27, Round-Neck Resonator Guitar, Vintage Sunburst, w/ Pickup – $2,100

(NEW) We’re very excited about the new instruments that Beard began producing in 2017.  They continue to innovate in the small world of resophonic acoustic and electric guitars, and for our money, there’s nothing better.  The latest addition to their line is the Deco Phonic, a bare-bones wood-bodied reso with and old soul.  Built with Finnish birch veneer construction, these

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Large Soundhole, Aged Tone Adirondack Top, Guatemalan Rosewood B/S – $7,375

(NEW) As supplies of the traditionally beloved tropical timbers like Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood etc continue to dwindle, we and our manufacturers continue to seek out new sources of amazing tone.  For a guitar to have the “it factor” that combines looks, sound and feel into something greater than the sum of its parts, everything has to come together perfectly. 

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOMC-T, Jumbo Orchestra Model, Cutaway, Thin Body, Bearclaw Sitka, Figured Mahogany – $4,895

(NEW) At AMW we love the following, in no particular order: Bourgeois Guitars, mahogany guitars, Sitka spruce with generous amounts of bearclaw figuring, comfy guitars that sound much bigger than they look… we even love all those “weedly weedly weedly” notes above the 14th fret!  Finally, there has arrived a guitar that checks all of our boxes: this new JOMC-T

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton DR-H, Radiused Top Dreadnought, Thermo-Cured Sitka, Rosewood – $3,658

(NEW) It’s hard to find more bang for your buck in a small-shop guitar… the DR-H is Huss & Dalton’s twist on the traditional square-shouldered dreadnought.  It has a big sound, classic good looks, and a few deluxe features not found on other makers’ guitars in this price range. This instrument is a bluegrass MONSTER!  Featuring a super wide-grained thermo-cured

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(NEW) Collings OM1, Sitka Top, Mahogany Back and Sides, 1 3/4″ Nut – $3,982

(NEW) For store stock… Even though there is a lot of chatter in the guitar world about Collings’ recent line of “Traditional” models, we humbly suggest that you never count out this modern classic, the OM1.  This model always impresses with it’s warm, woody sound, and this lightly-built example is as good as any in recent memory.  It features a

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(NEW) Beard Deco Phonic Model 27 Square Neck, Sunburst – $1,600

(NEW) If you know us, you know that we know Beard Reso Phonic guitars.  If you know us, you also know that we love Beard Reso Phonic guitars!  Would you like to know Beard guitars?  Warning, you will fall in love with Beard guitars! This is the latest, the new Deco Phonic series.  This one is a square neck version,

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(USED) Kevin Kopp K-35, Adirondack, Brazilian – $6,950

(USED) Those who watch our website closely know that we adore Kevin Kopp’s guitars.  For our money, no one else does so well capturing the spirit, sound and feel of classic Gibby flattops.  They are consistently amazing, yet we always smile when we strum that first chord on a Kopp… a delightful familiarity washes over us, and we feel like

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(USED) Waterloo WL-S, “Stella” Style, Sitka Top, Sunburst, Cherry Back & Sides – SOLD

(USED) These don’t come around often, a lightly used WL-S or “Stella” as it’s affectionately known around here! We love this model, it is the smallest in the Waterloo line and has a sweet sound that really draws the player in. Why would anyone give up such a lovely little guitar? To get the Deluxe version, of course! He got

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T “Country Boy” Jumbo Orchestra Model, Aged Tone Adirondack, Mahogany – $4,225

(NEW) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a smash hit on our hands with these JOM-Ts from Bourgeois Guitars. New for 2017, Dana decided that he would take his already beloved Jumbo OM shape and offer the option of retaining standard Orchestra Model depth, much like a Martin 0000 or M model. In Dana and crews able hands, the results have

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(USED) Martin HD-28 MP, Madagascar Rosewood, Sitka Top – $2,750

(USED) Just in on trade Martin HD-28 MP, their flagship square-shouldered dreadnought souped up with forward shifted bracing, Madagascar rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top.  This is a 2011 model with some very nice looking Madrose.  It has a 1 3/4″ nut and 2 3/16″ string spacing at the saddle, and of course is full 25.4″ scale

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T Deluxe, Redwood Top, Figured English Walnut Back & Sides, Superb! – SOLD

(NEW) Here we have something very, very special.  When we visited Bourgeois Guitars in their new Lewiston, ME production facility this past summer, we wanted to see all of the rrrrreal good wood.  We knew that there would be heirloom-grade Brazilian rosewood, some cool figured mahogany and Koa, some exotic rosewoods that we had never even seen before… but we

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Thin Body, Torrefied Adirondack Spruce, Rosewood – SOLD

(NEW) We’ve fallen HARD for Bourgeois’ newest model, the JOM-T! Dana’s Jumbo Orchestra Models have long been a favorite all-rounder for players of many styles, since they have the balance of an OM but a wider waist and bigger body for more bass response. The “T” in JOM-T stands for “Thin” and unlike the standard JOM, this model retains the

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SOLD – (NEW) Small Dog COLLINGS Case Cover – $229 – SOLD

We had 100 of these made a few years ago and have sold through most of them. We have just a few left. They were made by the Small Dog Case Co. (Colorado Case Co.) before they closed their business. They feature an embroidered Collings logo – just for us – and they were designed to fit the standard (TKL)

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(NEW) Calton flight case for TELECASTER style guitar – SOLD

Calton for Electric Guitar – Fits Fender Telecaster (Just arrived!) – White w/ BLUE Interior (SOLD)  (17-601443)  AMW Price: $995 (ON HOLD)

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(NEW) Waterloo WL-14 XTR, Black, X-Braced, Firestripe Pick Guard – SOLD

(NEW) How cool is this?  A new Waterloo WL-14 with the brand new painted-back FIRESTRIPE pick guard option!  We love this vintage-inspired look!  The back of the pick guard is painted so that it really *pops* against the black top, but it’s a more subtle look than the normal ivoroid… we can dig! This is an x-braced WL-14 with truss

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