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(USED) Martin OM18 Authentic 1933, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – $3,595

(USED) Our favorite Martins being made today are the ones that tip their hats to yesterday, and the lightly-built Authentic series is a great way to experience pre-war Martin magic in a new guitar.  Meticulously crafted to be spec-perfect recreations of some of Martin’s very best designs, these always look and sound superb. Here is an incredibly clean OM18 Authentic

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ON HOLD – (USED) (2008) Santa Cruz Tony Rice Professional, German Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood – ON HOLD

(USED) Here’s something you don’t encounter every day… As described by the Santa Cruz Guitar Company: The Tony Rice Professional Model has been further refined (from the standard Tony Rice model) to offer the same specifications as used on Mr. Rice’s personal guitar. Old growth Brazilian Rosewood of the quality seen in the best vintage instruments and European Spruce (usually chosen from stock from

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(NEW) Pleinview Guitars “Looky-Loo” L-00, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – SOLD

(NEW) The latest Pleinview to come out of our shop is a custom L-00, directly inspired by the Waterloo WL-12, and built in a similar lightweight style… but with a number of custom features. This guitar has an Adirondack spruce top and braces, mahogany back and sides and a Wenge fingerboard and bridge.  Short 24.9″ scale and set up to

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(USED) Bozo Podunavac 12-String, Sitka, East Indian Rosewood – $5,975

(USED) The late Bozo Podunavac had a world-wide reputation for building distinctive, powerful guitars, and they can be heard on many seminal guitar albums, notably “6 and 12 String Guitar” by Leo Kottke.  John Fahey and Johnny Cash also played Bozo guitars over the years.  The sound is unmistakeable, and the responsiveness and volume of a Bozo seems at odds

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SOLD – (USED) National Estralita Deluxe, Wood Body, Single Cone – SOLD

(USED) Here’s a gen-u-ine National that will have you rocking, rolling and tumbling without breaking the bank (or your back!)  The Estralita is a very cool, wood-bodied, single-cone reso-phonic guitar with tons of vibe and tons of sound.  Significantly lighter than a steel or brass-bodied reso, but has the funky sound that you want in such an instrument… and gosh,

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(NEW) Kevin Kopp Advanced Jumbo, AJ, Adirondack, Madrose, Sunburst – $5,650

(NEW) This is a treat, a powerful AJ from our main man in Montana, master luthier Kevin Kopp! To those more familiar with jumbos of the short scale, “35” variety, the Advanced Jumbo is a whole other animal.  This guitar is a full 25.5″ scale, and though it’s not lacking in warmth and tonal complexity (thank you, Madagascar rosewood!) it

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(NEW) Pleinview Guitars Orchestra Model, German Spruce, Sacha RW – SOLD

(NEW) There’s a little workshop in the back of our store, where AMW luthier Raymond Morin and his partner Adam Rousseau build Pleinview Guitars.  They’ve got a few dozen under their belt at this point, and this latest is a custom OM, with German spruce top and Peruvian “Sacha” rosewood back and sides. We love German spruce on softer rosewoods,

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(USED) Shanti SF Model, Small Jumbo, Cutaway – $6,695

(USED) We’re often heard extolling the virtues of the small factories and shops that make up the bulk of our business… there is something comforting about the near-perfect fit and finish, not to mention the consistent high quality of sound that we’ve come to expect from our friends at Collings, Huss & Dalton and Bourgeois.  Every now and again, though,

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(USED) M.J. Franks Legacy Dreadnought, Adirondack, Brazilian – $5,795

(USED) Increasingly sought out for his ukuleles and resonators, Michigan luthier Mike Franks also builds a FINE traditional guitar!  We’re very pleased to present this Legacy dreadnought, featuring an Adirondack spruce top and figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides.  This instrument has all the guts and volume of a classic vintage Herringbone, with a nice booming bass but a midrange that

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SOLD – (USED) Martin D28 Authentic 1937, VTS Adirondack, Madagascar RW – SOLD

(USED) Just in on consignment and in excellent condition, we have a late model D28 Authentic 1937, one that utilizes Martin’s VTS torrefaction technology to achieve its vintage sound.  It sounds very good indeed, with warm, pillowy bass, sparkly trebles and plenty of volume. The Martin Vintage Tone System is a process wherein the top is thermally cured (or torrefied) to

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(USED) Julius Borges L-00, Adirondack Spruce, Maple – SOLD

(USED) We are very pleased to present a phenomenal handmade L-00 by master luthier Julius Borges, based in Groton MA.  Borges’ guitars are highly prized and considered some of the finest traditionally inspired instruments available.  Hot hide glue construction, traditional dovetail necks, Adirondack braces and a thin nitro over shellac finish give his guitars the sound and feel of the

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(USED) 2012 John Allison Dreadnought, Adirondack Top, Sunburst – $2,695

(USED) John Allison earned his stripes as a builder and sunburst artist at Collings before starting his own family brand in Austin, TX.  He makes a variety of acoustic and electric instruments, and also does professional finish work for a number of other companies. This guitar is Allison’s take on the pre-war D18, an Adirondack-topped mahogany dreadnought with a beautiful

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(USED) 1977 Thomas Reg’n 12-String, Sitka, Rosewood – $1,075

(USED, VINTAGE!) Here is a wildly-cool handmade 12-string guitar from German luthier Thomas Reg’n, whose work seems to be very rare indeed in this country.  It is very “70s” in every way, built like a tank and featuring bold appointments and a long open-book peghead. This guitar has a big, authoritative voice, and plays very nicely in both dropped and

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(NEW) Pleinview Guitars Dreadnought, German Spruce, Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(NEW) Our luthier Raymond Morin and his partner Adam Rousseau build flat-tops under the banner of Pleinview Guitars, right here at our shop.  Most instruments are made to order, but occasionally they find a little extra time to sneak out a spec guitar.  This dreadnought was supposed to be that guitar, but it got scooped up just as it came

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(USED) 2001 Martin D35, Sitka, East Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(USED) Just in on consignment from a good local customer, a great guitar for the jam or the festival, a well-played D35. This guitar has had a fair amount of regular maintenance, including a warranty neck reset and bridge re-glue. The original tuners have been replaced with Gibson-style Grovers. There is reasonable fret wear under the B string, and the

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