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(USED) Martin Custom Shop 000, 14-Fret, Adirondack Spruce, Quilted Pommele – $3,150

(USED) Just in on consignment, a very cool Custom Shop Martin, built in Nazareth PA.  This 14-fret 000 is a combination of great appointments and compelling tonewoods, and the resulting instrument has a great sound and plenty of personality. The top is tight-grained Adirondack spruce, nothing too unusual there…  the braces are also Adirondack spruce, 1/4″ scalloped in the 6A

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(USED) 2015 Kevin Kopp K-200, Maple, Full-Body Sunburst – $4,750

(USED) We are very excited about our new partnership with Montana luthier Kevin Kopp. We’ve admired Kevin’s guitars for quite some time now – having taken a half dozen or so on trade or consignment – and we can think of no modern builder who more accurately captures the authentic Gibson tone and vibe, while making wonderfully consistent and extremely playable guitars. This

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(USED) Kevin Kopp K-35, Adirondack, Brazilian – $6,950

(USED) Those who watch our website closely know that we adore Kevin Kopp’s guitars.  For our money, no one else does so well capturing the spirit, sound and feel of classic Gibby flattops.  They are consistently amazing, yet we always smile when we strum that first chord on a Kopp… a delightful familiarity washes over us, and we feel like

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(USED) Martin HD-28 MP, Madagascar Rosewood, Sitka Top – $2,750

(USED) Just in on trade Martin HD-28 MP, their flagship square-shouldered dreadnought souped up with forward shifted bracing, Madagascar rosewood back and sides and a Sitka spruce top.  This is a 2011 model with some very nice looking Madrose.  It has a 1 3/4″ nut and 2 3/16″ string spacing at the saddle, and of course is full 25.4″ scale

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(USED) Kevin Kopp “The Bird” Dreadnought, Sitka, Mahogany, Sunburst – $4,250

 (USED, EX) Back in our shop on consignment, another glorious guitar from our favorite Montana luthier Kevin Kopp! Kopp does better than just about anyone capturing the spirit of the best vintage American flat tops.  This model, dubbed “The Bird” is a short-scale (just 24 5/8″) square-shouldered beauty that has a very sweet and warm yet articulate sound.  The instrument just

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(USED) 2016 Gibson J45 Standard, Sitka, Mahogany – SOLD

(USED) From the Bozeman MT shop and just in on trade, here is a very recent example of the iconic Gibson J45 jumbo / slope D in mahogany. This is a short scale guitar with a 1 23/32″ nut and 2 3/16″ string spacing at the saddle. It has the famous Gibson tobacco sunburst finish on a Sitka spruce top,

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(USED) Oriskany 00, L-00, 14-Fret, Engelmann Spruce, Bubinga – $3,150

(USED) The luthiery boom of the last 10-15 years has produced dozens of world-class luthiers and thousands of spectacular guitars. With the advent of the internet and online forums, not to mention more luthiery schools and the community’s willingness to share information, many of the “secrets” to making a great sounding instrument have been unlocked, and we, the players, are

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(NEW) Pleinview Guitars “Looky-Loo” 12-Fret L-00, Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – SOLD

(NEW) Pleinview Guitars are built right here at our shop by luthier/store manager Raymond Morin and his helper and our Saturday guy extraordinaire Adam Rousseau.  These guys make traditionally-minded custom instruments, mostly on commission, though an occasional spec instrument finds its way onto our website. If this guitar looks vaguely familiar, it’s because it’s the sister guitar to this box that

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SOLD – (USED) Santa Cruz OM Custom, Bearclaw European Spruce, Cocobolo, Wood Binding – SOLD

(USED) We are most pleased to be presenting this gorgeous custom Orchestra Model from the Santa Cruz Guitar Company!  A lifetime OM if ever there was one, this guitar brings together impeccably selected woods and the magic touch of Richard Hoover, creating an instrument that looks and sounds incredible. Let’s talk about those incredible looks for a moment… the first

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(USED) Composite Acoustics Ox Raw, Full Size Carbon Fiber Guitar – $1,275

(USED) Chances are if you clicked on the preview pic to open up this listing, then you know what this is. When you don’t want to worry about environmental changes or extremes damaging your fine instrument… when you want a guitar that can sit in a cold car or on a hot festival stage… when you basically want “indestructible” you

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(USED) Martin Custom Shop 0-18, 14 Fret, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany – $2,495

(USED) Here is a little firecracker from the Martin Custom Shop, a single “0” 14-fretter with Sitka spruce top, Mahogany back and sides and Adirondack spruce braces.  This guitar has a very vintage vibe, is extremely comfortable to hold and play, and sounds just lovely.  We know many of you are always on the lookout with such a guitar! This

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(USED) Breedlove Exotic CM Classic, Cedar Top, Figured Walnut, Sunburst – ON HOLD

(USED) Dare to be different!  This CM Classic shows off the unique vision of Kim Breedlove and his team of builders, it’s a distinctive guitar with a head-turning shape and a loud, modern tone. The CM is roughly the size of an OM/000, but with a bit more body depth for bass response.  This one has a very responsive Cedar

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(USED) Larrivée 000-50, Sitka Spruce Top, Mahogany Back and Sides – SOLD

(USED) We always enjoy it when a Larrivée guitar rolls through our store, we think that they are an great value and have a very compelling, balanced sound.  They are also workhorses, tough enough to survive regular gigging and travel.  Indeed, we have some customers who have played one guitar for 30-40 years, and that guitar is a Larrivée. This

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(USED) Martin 00-17S, 12-Fret Depression-Style Guitar, Sunburst Finish – $1,295

(USED) With the success of high-end low-end guitars like Waterloo and entry level guitar like Recording King’s Dirty 30s series, Martin decided that it was time to get into the game with their own interpretation of a depression-era catalog guitar.  The 00-17s is actually a fine little guitar, with Gibby-inspired looks but a very Martin sound. The construction and cosmetics

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SOLD – (USED) Circa 1980 Gallagher 72 Special, Sitka, Rosewood Dreadnought – Lower Price – SOLD

(USED) Here is a guitar that has some stories to tell!  This Gallagher dread has been all over the world as the primary tool of a professional touring folk musician… now it’s ready to take on new life in someone else’s capable hands. It looks the part, that’s for sure… dozens of dings and scratches and ample finish wear reveal

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