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(USED) Huss & Dalton TD-R, Thermo-Cured Adirondack, Cocobolo – $4,650

(USED, EX+) Over the last couple years, we’ve been enjoying torrefied Adirondack spruce on many of our our traditional dreadnought builds, from a variety of shops… and we think Huss & Dalton does “cooked” Adi as well as anyone! Thermo-cured Adirondack spruce, simply put, helps the guitar to be louder and more responsive, with a played-in tone that evokes the

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SOLD – (NEW) Huss & Dalton custom 12-fret OO Thermo-cured Maple, with Thermo-cured Red Spruce top! – SOLD

(NEW) – A shop favorite, the classic 12-fret OO from the fine  folks at Huss & Dalton. We’ve been selling their “L-OO” CROSSROADS model with such enthusiasm since they introduced it several years ago – very spartan and traditional in appearance, and in all the excitement for that “new” model, this classic (Martin-style) OO “parlor” guitar has taken a bit of a back

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton TOM-R, Thermo-Cured Adirondack Spruce, Indian Rosewood – $4,245

(NEW) We’ve fallen head over heels for “cooked” top guitars… Torrefied, “Thermo-cured”, “dry roasted”, whatever you choose to call it, we are absolutely sold on the well-aged, broken in sound of these guitars (and they look pretty great, too!) Huss & Dalton has been using this process on many of their guitars for the better part of a year, with

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(USED) Huss & Dalton 10th Anniversary BRAZILIAN!

(Pre-Owned) – We’ve been so proud to be Huss & Dalton’s Top Dealer and as such, we were pleased to have received Number One and Number Two of their Tenth Anniversary models (one in Koa, one in fabulous Brazilian RW)  back in 2006. Here we have (back on consignment from a collector) Numero Dos!! (# Two of Ten) in old-growth dazzling highly

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton Crossroads OO – Sunburst – $3,510

(NEW) – The H&D Crossroads. One of H&D’s most popular models: a very exciting newer model, a new take on an “old” idea from the from the good folks at Huss & Dalton. Very traditional in appearance, and decidedly “vintage” in tone, this tobacco sunburst L-OO style guitar is the most authentic modern production-shop interpretation of a 30’s style L-OO blues guitar that we have played. Woody,

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(USED) Huss & Dalton CM Custom MAPLE, Full Body Sunburst – $3,250

(USED) Just arrived, and appearing virtually unplayed is this fine custom Huss and Dalton CM. The CM model is a deep body cutaway with good manners, great comfort and playability and the volume, balance and tone of a “small dreadnought” if you can relate to that. In maple, the CM has great projection, warmth, and clarity. We sold this guitar

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