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(NEW) Huss & Dalton T-0014 “Road Edition” with Torrefied Sitka, Indian Rosewood – SOLD

(NEW) Oh, we’ve got guitars! Shiny ones, expensive ones, vintage ones… this T-0014 is none of the above! Part of Huss & Dalton’s “Road Edition” line, wherein a satin finish, simple cosmetics and slightly less expensive tuners add up to create a no-nonsense, handmade guitar that looks and sounds great without breaking the bank. The 14-fret 00 has been a

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton T-0014 Road Edition, All Mahogany – SOLD

(NEW) When Huss & Dalton announced that they would open up their “Road Edition” appointments to any model in the line, we decided it was time to have a little fun with the concept!  We wanted to take some of their most beloved custom models, simplify the cosmetics and bring the price down without sacrificing any of the tone and

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(NEW) Huss & Dalton custom TOO-14 Italian Spruce over Ziricote! – $5,705

(NEW) And now for another special something from our friends in Staunton, Virginia: The T-0014 is one of our favorite models in the Huss & Dalton lineup. For a company that built its reputation on powerful bluegrass dreadnoughts, they also seem to make some of the best and most versatile all ’rounders and small guitars out there. Their 14-fret 00 is a

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