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(NEW) Huss & Dalton custom TOO-14 Italian Spruce over Ziricote! – $5,705

(NEW) And now for another special something from our friends in Staunton, Virginia: The T-0014 is one of our favorite models in the Huss & Dalton lineup. For a company that built its reputation on powerful bluegrass dreadnoughts, they also seem to make some of the best and most versatile all ’rounders and small guitars out there. Their 14-fret 00 is a

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SOLD – (NEW) Huss & Dalton custom 12-fret OO Thermo-cured Maple, with Thermo-cured Red Spruce top! – SOLD

(NEW) – A shop favorite, the classic 12-fret OO from the fine  folks at Huss & Dalton. We’ve been selling their “L-OO” CROSSROADS model with such enthusiasm since they introduced it several years ago – very spartan and traditional in appearance, and in all the excitement for that “new” model, this classic (Martin-style) OO “parlor” guitar has taken a bit of a back

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