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COMING SOON – OME Minstrel 12″ Walnut Open Back Banjo – $2,135

  (NEW) Our best selling open back banjos are made in Boulder, CO by the good folks at OME. Continuing our obsession with these relatively new OME open back designs, this one is another WALNUT 12″  Minstrel model with all the great cluck, pop, clarity and warmth we have come to expect. OME really has a hit on their hands with these new

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SOLD – (USED) 2015 Kevin Kopp K-200, Maple, Full-Body Sunburst – SOLD

(USED) We are very excited about our new partnership with Montana luthier Kevin Kopp. We’ve admired Kevin’s guitars for quite some time now – having taken a half dozen or so on trade or consignment – and we can think of no modern builder who more accurately captures the authentic Gibson tone and vibe, while making wonderfully consistent and extremely playable guitars. This

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