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(NEW) Collings D2H-G, German Spruce Top, Adirondack Braces, No Tongue Brace – ON HOLD

(NEW) This is another of our slightly “hot-rodded” models, a GORGEOUS herringbone trimmed D2H with German spruce top, ivoroid binding, ADIRONDACK braces, figured Macassar ebony headstock veneer, NO TONGUE BRACE and 1 and 3/4″ nut width. We find these German topped, slightly hot-rodded Collings dreadnoughts to be just about the perfect cross-picking, flatpicking, strumming, fingerstyle, vocal accompaniment large guitars in

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(SOLD) Collings O1HMh Custom Hog Top, Herringbone! Abalone! – SOLD

(NEW) There are few things in life as enjoyable as these very sophisticated small Collings guitars. While one might expect these guitars to sound “small”, we find that everyone is surprised by their volume and their immense practicality as a “travel” instrument, as a couch instrument, a recording instrument and in many cases – a full replacement for a large guitar

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(NEW) Collings D1A custom, No Tongue Brace, Adirondack Bracing, 1 and 23/32″ – $5,245

(NEW) The square-shouldered 14-fret dreadnought is the most popular steel-string acoustic guitar body shape in the world. While Collings is certainly not the only company to build them, they bring a new tonal clarity to the depth and warmth usually associated with such a large, deep-bodied guitar. Although its bass response makes the dreadnought ideal for vocal accompaniment, Collings versions are also

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(NEW) Collings D1, Adirondack Braces, No Tongue Brace – $3,870

(NEW) On occasion we like to “soup up” our mahogany dreads by stiffening the top via Adirondack spruce braces, while at the same time leaving out the tongue brace for a more active upper bout. We find that on the Collings D1, this is a great combination that gives a slight edge, both in terms of warmth of tone and

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(NEW) Collings O-42Gsb, Wenge & German spruce, Sunburst – Slot-head – Spectacular! – $7,965

(NEW) Another gorgeous 12-fret “O” Model, just arrived from Collings. If you follow this site closely, you know that we just love pairing the finest exotic German spruce with the dense and highly desirable rosewoods like Brazilian, Cocobolo, Madagascar and now… Wenge!  Since first hearing this relatively new back/side wood on a Collings dreadnought during our annual visit to Collings last year, we have been hooked. Wenge guitars

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(NEW) Collings OM1 with “Baked” (Torrefied) SITKA Spruce Top, 1 and 3/4″ Nut – $3,800

(NEW) Collings’ most basic, unadorned offering, but more guitar than most of us will ever need: the simply elegant OM1. However… on this one we were lucky to be in the right place at the right time as Collings was prototyping the “baked” Sitka spruce top concept. We’ve had a very good year selling torrefied Adirondack-topped guitars by various builders, and

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SOLD – (NEW) Collings OM42MRA, Madagascar Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce, abalone – SOLD

(Wow!) We’ve sold quite a few OM42 Collings in Brazilian Rosewood, and we’ve disappointed a few of our international customers by not being able to ship Brazilian rosewood outside of the USA. So, we asked Collings to find us a “42-worthy” set of the highest grade Madagascar Rosewood (which is certified and legal for international shipment) and we had them build for

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SOLD – (USED) Collings D42BaaaAsb, Brazilian RW, Adirondack Top, Sunburst, Flowerpot, Abalone Everywhere! – SOLD

(2000) This 15-year old Collings D42 custom SUNBURST in AAA grade Brazilian RW, Adirondack spruce and all the tone a man (or woman) could ask for. A fifteen year old guitar that is in essentially new condition, with abalone flowerpot inlay on peghead, gold Waverly tuners, 42 style fretboard inlay, abalone top border, 1 and 3/4″ nut width, 2 and 3/16″ saddle spacing, drop

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SOLD – (USED) Collings CJ – CJMhaSSsb-Varn custom Sunburst, Varnish, Adirondack, Braz. parts! – SOLD

(USED) Now here is another truly unique and special Collings CJ. This one is a custom Collings CJMhAssSB-varn (“Collings Jumbo, Mahogany, Adirondack, short scale, sunburst, varnish”) We built a run of these, three or four, back in 2008-2009) back when we could still get Brazilian rosewood parts for fretboard and bridge (we no longer can). We were going for classic bold sounding mahogany short

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(NEW) Collings SJ, Small Jumbo, Sitka Top, Wenge Back & Sides – $4,995

(NEW) We are very happy to present our first WENGE SJ from the fine folks at Collings Guitars. You may have heard whispers, rumblings and rumors about Wenge being heralded as the heir apparent to Brazilian rosewood… with a similar density, weight and harmonic content (and none of the travel restrictions). We’ll throw some fuel on that fire, for we

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(NEW) Collings CJ-35sb Sunburst – $4,860

(JUST ARRIVED) Collings CJ-35sb, one of the newest and extremely popular new jumbos from our friends in Austin, TX. Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, light build, special CJ-35 “non-scalloped” Adirondack spruce bracing and tone bar with small vintage-style maple bridge plate and *abbreviated* tongue brace, and vintage-appropriate 24.9″ short scale. Light weight WENGE straight bridge and fretboard. Comes set up and strung

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(NEW) Collings CJ-35 Natural, Sitka Spruce top – $4,320

(NEW) Collings CJ35, quickly becoming a shop favorite – the newest and extremely popular jumbos from our friends in Austin, TX. Sitka spruce top, mahogany back and sides, light build, CJ-35 “non-scalloped” Adirondack spruce bracing with small vintage-style maple bridge plate, Wenge freeboard and bridge and *abbreviated* tongue brace, short scale. Light as a feather, gorgeous, strong-voiced, feisty, snappy, balanced, loud and real woody, 1 and 3/4″ nut width.  Check

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(NEW) Collings OM1E, Engelmann Top – $4,025

(NEW) We’ve taken to saying that the OM1, Collings’ most “basic”, “simple”, “plain” guitar also happens to be the ONLY guitar that most players could ever need. We say that because there are few guitars that match the balance, clarity and overall brilliance of the beloved Orchestra Model, and like everything he does, Collings has taken it to the next

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SOLD – Collings 2015 NAMM Show – Hog Top tenor! – Tenor1 Mh – SOLD

(Just Arrived – shipped from the 2015 NAMM Show) We think we can sum of the appeal of this fine instrument in just six words: Collings NAMM Show Hog Top tenor…. But for those who need more, here is the description from Collings: The Tenor 1 features our own variation of the traditional “0” body dimension that provides exceptional projection, warmth,

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(NEW) Collings D3 MRA, Madagascar Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce, Adi Braces, – $7,310

(NEW) And what do we have here? Collings’ top of the line D3 dreadnought, this one with the rare and precious (Premium grade) MadRose (Madagascar Rosewood) back and sides, stellar Adirondack spruce top (with Adirondack braces) and 1 and 3/4″ nut width. Collings has just recently been able to procure some premium MadRose sets, after a long hiatus during which we could

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