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(NEW) Collings OM1E, Engelmann Top – $4,025

(NEW) We’ve taken to saying that the OM1, Collings’ most “basic”, “simple”, “plain” guitar also happens to be the ONLY guitar that most players could ever need. We say that because there are few guitars that match the balance, clarity and overall brilliance of the beloved Orchestra Model, and like everything he does, Collings has taken it to the next

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(USED) (2005) Collings OM2HBaaA, Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce, w/Fishman Matrix Pickup – ON HOLD

 (USED) A fine Collings OM2H with figured Brazilian rosewood and Adirondack spruce. This Brazilian was rated “AA” back in 2005. This guitar – serial # 11066 – is a feisty and “gig-ready” Collings OM2HBaaA! It has a Fishman Matrix Infinity (active) pickup installed. It also has a strap button installed. We can ship thew guitar with the Fishman pickup, or install a K&K Pure Mini pickup

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(NEW) Collings OM2 Cutaway, Sitka, Rosewood – $4,385

(NEW) Here is another elegant and delightful Orchestra Model from the folks at Collings. Classic Sitka spruce and East Indian rosewood, and featuring a cutaway for access to the upper registers. We said “Hold the herringbone!” on this instrument, to give it a sleeker look. 1 3/4″ bone nut and the saddle has 2 3/16″ string spacing. Ebony fingerboard and

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(NEW) Collings OM1A, 1 and 3/4″, Adirondack Top – $4,905

JUST ARRIVED, NEW – Collings OM1A, the Austin, Texas classic take on the iconic Orchestra Model. Adirondack spruce top, mahogany back and sides. 1 3/4″ nut width. Pure tone, and pure playing enjoyment. This one has fully bound neck and peghead, ebony heel cap, CW (dalmatian) pick guard, and an ebony headstock veneer. The tone is crisp, balanced, feisty, and real. Comes with

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(NEW) Collings OM2G Custom DEEP body, German Spruce Top – $4,520

(NEW) For store stock: For those who just can’t warm up to their dreadnought any more, but are not ready to step “down” (size wise) to an OM, we present a custom DEEP BODY Collings OM2G (without herringbone) topped with feisty GERMAN spruce. (1 and 3/4″ nut width.) This is a very full sounding guitar, no longer a “small” guitar – the deep

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(NEW) Collings OM1A, Adirondack Top, RED MOUNTAIN SPANISH CEDAR – $5,285

(NEW)  Here she is!! The iconic Orchestra Model here at “Moe’s House of Mahogany”. The OM1A is normally a mahogany guitar, but Collings has been dipping his toe into exotic alternative tonewoods and here is our first OM1A in highly figured RED MOUNTAIN SPANISH CEDAR (Cedrela Montana). Let us say that both the appearance of the wood, and the tone of this custom guitar

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