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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Vintage Dreadnought, Large Soundhole, Adirondack Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood – $10,455

(NEW) Here it is, folks, the pinnacle of traditional flattop technology from one of the best builders to ever do the thing, Dana Bourgeois of Lewiston, Maine.  We are generally big fans of the large soundhole dreadnought design, as popularized by the great Tony Rice, and Dana’s versions are among his very best sounding instruments, ever.  The larger soundhole seems

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(USED) Kevin Kopp K-35, Adirondack, Brazilian – $6,950

(USED) Those who watch our website closely know that we adore Kevin Kopp’s guitars.  For our money, no one else does so well capturing the spirit, sound and feel of classic Gibby flattops.  They are consistently amazing, yet we always smile when we strum that first chord on a Kopp… a delightful familiarity washes over us, and we feel like

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(USED) Bourgeois DB Signature OM, Orchestra Model, Adirondack, Brazilian Rosewood, Sunburst – $7,795

(USED, BARELY) Dana Bourgeois has built more than his share of lifetime OMs, and his DB Signature instruments are among his very best.  This one had a short stay in a large collection before developing a minor back crack, which was impeccably repaired at the Bourgeois shop shortly after.  With their spot-on finish repairs, we honestly can’t figure out where

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ON HOLD – (USED) (2008) Santa Cruz Tony Rice Professional, German Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood – ON HOLD

(USED) Here’s something you don’t encounter every day… As described by the Santa Cruz Guitar Company: The Tony Rice Professional Model has been further refined (from the standard Tony Rice model) to offer the same specifications as used on Mr. Rice’s personal guitar. Old growth Brazilian Rosewood of the quality seen in the best vintage instruments and European Spruce (usually chosen from stock from

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(USED) Collings 000-41, Adirondack, Brazilian Rosewood, Excellent Sound! – SOLD

(USED) “What’s the best guitar in your shop right now?”  It’s a question that we get on an almost daily basis, and as guitar geeks with wide and variegated tastes, we usually end up unable to pick a dozen favorites, never mind just one particular guitar… BUT… all that said, if you call us today and ask that question, this

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(USED) Collings OM3BaaaA Varnish, Adirondack, Brazilian – $9,975

(USED) We are privileged to handle many fine Collings guitars every year.  This one is special.  It sold in 2006 and has the distinction of being the very first varnish Brazilian RW orchestra model guitar that Collings produced. Having also the pedigree of “Style 3” and being clad with such high grade Brazilian rosewood, it is quite special indeed. So…feast your eyes on this VERY special Collings OM3BaaaA-Varn (Style 3 Brazilian OM

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(USED) M.J. Franks Legacy Dreadnought, Adirondack, Brazilian – $5,795

(USED) Increasingly sought out for his ukuleles and resonators, Michigan luthier Mike Franks also builds a FINE traditional guitar!  We’re very pleased to present this Legacy dreadnought, featuring an Adirondack spruce top and figured Brazilian rosewood back and sides.  This instrument has all the guts and volume of a classic vintage Herringbone, with a nice booming bass but a midrange that

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(USED) Spectacular Huss & Dalton Pilgrim Dreadnought, First Ever, Brazilian – $7,995

(USED) We are big fans of Bluegrass Flatpicking guitar in general, and the styles of Clarence White and Tony Rice in particular.  About 18 months ago, Mark Dalton and I wondered aloud how they might be able to bring Huss & Dalton’s own fresh approach and voicing to the whole “large sound hole” dreadnought concept…. Just arrived, back on consignment at our humble lumber and tone emporium

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(USED) Early (1994) Collings BRAZILIAN Rosewood OOO2H Custom – No Logo – $7,250

(Just arrived)  (USED) We are privileged to “handle” many fine Collings guitars every year.  This one is special. It was built in the original Collings shop in April of 1994 (serial #1355) and was ordered specifically WITHOUT the Collings logo on the slotted headstock. It does have, however, a very cool vintage-inspired “hot stamp” of the Collings logo on the reverse side of the

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(NEW) Kevin Kopp AJ, Adirondack Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood, Sunburst – SOLD

(NEW) For our money, nobody makes a better Gibby-inspired guitar than Kevin Kopp.  While most builders have models in these classic styles, few can really capture the magical tone of the best vintage examples, a skill that, to a guitar, Mr. Kopp has mastered. Kevin pulled out all the stops for us on this custom order, an AJ or Advanced

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(NEW) Bourgeois OM-42 style Tree-of-Life, Brazilian Rosewood, Aged Tone, 2016 NAMM Show Guitar – $14,805

(NEW) The Style 42 is the crown-jewel of the Bourgeois product offerings. The abalone material they use is prepared exclusively for them, hand chosen to be highly figured with many multi-colored facets for optimum light-reflection. This special OM-42, built for the 2016 NAMM Show is a one-of-a-kind treasure, a collectible instrument, and a true work of art:   Top Wood European Back/Sides

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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Brazilian Rosewood Orchestra Model – $8,815

(NEW) OK now… We’ve had well more than two dozen of the Bourgeois Aged Tone guitars, and every single one has been SPECTACULAR. Having done this for some time now, and having experience with Bourgeois going back to the single digits in serial numbers, I can tell you these are the best guitars he has ever built. In fact, if you have

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SOLD – (USED) Collings D42BaaaAsb, Brazilian RW, Adirondack Top, Sunburst, Flowerpot, Abalone Everywhere! – SOLD

(2000) This 15-year old Collings D42 custom SUNBURST in AAA grade Brazilian RW, Adirondack spruce and all the tone a man (or woman) could ask for. A fifteen year old guitar that is in essentially new condition, with abalone flowerpot inlay on peghead, gold Waverly tuners, 42 style fretboard inlay, abalone top border, 1 and 3/4″ nut width, 2 and 3/16″ saddle spacing, drop

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SOLD – (NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought, Adirondack Top, Cooked Braces – SOLD

The best sounding Bourgeois dreadnoughts are his Aged Tone dreadnoughts. It’s that simple. In the case of this guitar: Is it the OLD salvaged quartersawn Brazilian rosewood? Is it the torrefied Adirondack spruce top? Is it the torrefied Adirondack bracing? Is it the fossil ivory parts? Is it the hide glue? Is it the Aged Tone process? Is it Dana Bourgeois’ voicing? Or “All of the above?” Yup, all of it. We’ve sold almost fifty Aged Tone, torrefied,

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(NEW) Bourgeois Soloist – Aged Tone, Brazilian RW, Adirondack Spruce, Hide Glue – $9,355

(NEW)  No discussion of Orchestra model guitars is complete without a spirited discussion regarding the Bourgeois “Soloist”. Dana Bourgeois knows wood. And Dana is considered THE expert where soundboard voicing is concerned. The re-birth and popularity of OM-28 style guitars in general owes much to Dana Bourgeois’ 38 years of involvement in the guitar industry. The Bourgeois “Soloist” is normally a European  topped lightly crafted,

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