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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Country Boy OM, Torrefied Adirondack Spruce, Mahogany – $5,525

(NEW) The guitars coming out of the new Bourgeois shop in Lewiston ME are his best yet.  From their exquisite tone to their unrivaled fit and finish, it’s hard to imagine a better guitar, at any price.  The Orchestra Model is a shape that Dana and crew know particularly well, and Dana was pivotal in helping to reestablish the popularity

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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Vintage Dreadnought, Large Soundhole, Adirondack Spruce, Brazilian Rosewood – $10,455

(NEW) Here it is, folks, the pinnacle of traditional flattop technology from one of the best builders to ever do the thing, Dana Bourgeois of Lewiston, Maine.  We are generally big fans of the large soundhole dreadnought design, as popularized by the great Tony Rice, and Dana’s versions are among his very best sounding instruments, ever.  The larger soundhole seems

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Large Soundhole, Aged Tone Adirondack Top, Guatemalan Rosewood B/S – $7,375

(NEW) As supplies of the traditionally beloved tropical timbers like Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood etc continue to dwindle, we and our manufacturers continue to seek out new sources of amazing tone.  For a guitar to have the “it factor” that combines looks, sound and feel into something greater than the sum of its parts, everything has to come together perfectly. 

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOMC-T, Jumbo Orchestra Model, Cutaway, Thin Body, Bearclaw Sitka, Figured Mahogany – $4,895

(NEW) At AMW we love the following, in no particular order: Bourgeois Guitars, mahogany guitars, Sitka spruce with generous amounts of bearclaw figuring, comfy guitars that sound much bigger than they look… we even love all those “weedly weedly weedly” notes above the 14th fret!  Finally, there has arrived a guitar that checks all of our boxes: this new JOMC-T

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T “Country Boy” Jumbo Orchestra Model, Aged Tone Adirondack, Mahogany – $4,225

(NEW) Ladies and gentlemen, we have a smash hit on our hands with these JOM-Ts from Bourgeois Guitars. New for 2017, Dana decided that he would take his already beloved Jumbo OM shape and offer the option of retaining standard Orchestra Model depth, much like a Martin 0000 or M model. In Dana and crews able hands, the results have

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T Deluxe, Redwood Top, Figured English Walnut Back & Sides, Superb! – SOLD

(NEW) Here we have something very, very special.  When we visited Bourgeois Guitars in their new Lewiston, ME production facility this past summer, we wanted to see all of the rrrrreal good wood.  We knew that there would be heirloom-grade Brazilian rosewood, some cool figured mahogany and Koa, some exotic rosewoods that we had never even seen before… but we

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Thin Body, Torrefied Adirondack Spruce, Rosewood – SOLD

(NEW) We’ve fallen HARD for Bourgeois’ newest model, the JOM-T! Dana’s Jumbo Orchestra Models have long been a favorite all-rounder for players of many styles, since they have the balance of an OM but a wider waist and bigger body for more bass response. The “T” in JOM-T stands for “Thin” and unlike the standard JOM, this model retains the

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(USED) Bourgeois DB Signature OM, Orchestra Model, Adirondack, Brazilian Rosewood, Sunburst – $7,795

(USED, BARELY) Dana Bourgeois has built more than his share of lifetime OMs, and his DB Signature instruments are among his very best.  This one had a short stay in a large collection before developing a minor back crack, which was impeccably repaired at the Bourgeois shop shortly after.  With their spot-on finish repairs, we honestly can’t figure out where

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(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Thin Body, Aged Tone Sitka Top, Indian Rosewood Back and Sides – $4,135

(NEW) We just got back from the lovely state of Maine, where the lobster was plentiful (and delicious) and where some of our favorite flattops come from. We could only be referring to Bourgeois Guitars, and it was a thrill to tour their amazing new facility, share stories and pick wood for our next round of custom builds. Did we

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(NEW) Bourgeois Soloist Commemorative, Limited Edition, Cocobolo – SOLD

(NEW) Thirty years ago, Dana Bourgeois and Eric Schoenberg set out to design the ultimate fingerstyle guitar, one that used the venerable Orchestra Model as its jumping-off point, but added top-tier exotic tonewoods, a soft cutaway for upper fret access, elegant appointments and of course Dana’s masterful voicing techniques. Thus, the Soloist was born, and now in 2017 we are

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(NEW) Bourgeois Blues – Claro Walnut Slope D – $5,215

(NEW) We are taking special pride in being the only “stocking” dealer for the unique and bad to the bone “Bourgeois Blues” model from our Blues buddy, Devil Dog Dana Bourgeois, in Lewiston, Maine. These custom slope D’s from Mr. B. are a bit of a secret weapon. They have that woody “hog-top” warmth and sweetness but they also have

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SOLD – (NEW) Dana Bourgeois Vintage D LSH (Large Sound Hole) Dreadnought, Brazilian Rosewood, Aged Tone Adirondack Spruce! – SOLD

The best sounding Bourgeois dreadnoughts are his Aged Tone dreadnoughts. It’s that simple. And his large sound hole dreadnoughts are quite possibly the best sounding Bourgeois dreadnoughts. Period. What’s all the fuss about? It’s Dana’s new large Sound-hole Brazilian Rosewood dread, a model that he introduced in 2015. Built with hide glue, Banjo-Killer bracing, Aged Tone Adirondack spruce, and Brazilian Rosewood. A

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(NEW) Bourgeois OM-42 style Tree-of-Life, Brazilian Rosewood, Aged Tone, 2016 NAMM Show Guitar – $14,805

(NEW) The Style 42 is the crown-jewel of the Bourgeois product offerings. The abalone material they use is prepared exclusively for them, hand chosen to be highly figured with many multi-colored facets for optimum light-reflection. This special OM-42, built for the 2016 NAMM Show is a one-of-a-kind treasure, a collectible instrument, and a true work of art:   Top Wood European Back/Sides

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SOLD – (NEW) Bourgeois L-DBO/B (Black) – New 2016 Model from Dana, NAMM Show Guitar – SOLD

(NEW) Dana Bourgeois’ passion for acoustic guitars was fostered by those coveted instruments built in the pre-war era. Bourgeois Guitars’ mission as a company has always been to merge our love for vintage guitar tone and design with modern innovation and playability. This foundation can be heard and seen clearly in their newest guitar, the Bourgeois L-DBO. Inspired by the classic

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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Madagascar Rosewood Orchestra Model – $7,060

(NEW) OK now… We’ve had close to three dozen of the Bourgeois Aged Tone guitars, and every single one has been SPECTACULAR. Having done this for some time now, and having experience with Mr. Bourgeois going back several decades to the single digits in serial numbers, I can tell you these are the best guitars he has ever built. Forty years of

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