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Calton Case Inventory » Acoustic Music Works

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Calton Case Inventory

Many thanks to our friend The Tone Doctor Dale Adams for the “family photo” of his AMW Calton case collection! 

UPDATED: November2017  – These world-class musician-approved flight cases sell quickly – always call or e-mail for current availability. The lead times for new orders can be 12 to 20 weeks. We always try (but often fail) to have several of each size in stock or on order. You might also check the “instruments on order” tab on our home page for some guidance. Call or e-mail to be sure….

CURRENTLY IN STOCK  (30+ cases total – a dozen more expected soon – inquire!!)

** Dreadnought (Square Shoulder, fits Collings, Merrill, Santa Cruz, Bourgeois, Martin, H&D, etc.) – $1,095 **
(1) Green w/ Black Interior (601130)
(1) Black w/ Gold interior  (Just arrived!)
(1) Yellow w/ Blue Interior  (Just arrived!)
(2) Orange w/ Black Interior  (Just arrived!) (SOLD)
(1) Red w/ Black Interior  (601127) (Just arrived!)
(1) Black w/ Burgundy Interior (601129) (Just arrived!)
(1) Black w/ Gold Interior (601526) (Just arrived!)
(1) WHITE w/ Burgundy Interior (601540) (Just arrived!)

These sell quickly! (Check back soon!)

Sonic Blue w/ Black Interior Shown here (SOLD) (RP)


**12-fret long Dreadnought (Slope Shoulder, fits Collings 12-fret DS, Martin DS, etc.) – $1,095
(Nothing in stock for 12-fret D 


** Orchestra Model (fits Collings, Bourgeois, Martin, H&D, etc.) – $1,045 **
Red w/ Black interior (SOLD)  
(1) White w/ Black Interior
(1) SONIC BLUE w/ Black Interior (17-601505) (SOLD) (B.F)
(1) Black w/ Blue Interior (17-601419) (SOLD) (D.S)
(1) Burgundy w/ Black Interior (Just arrived!)
(2) Green w/ Black Interior ($1,045)  (17-601132) (17-601221)
(1) Black w/ Silver Interior ($1,045)  (17-601211)

USED (old Canadian style) OM Gray Granite w/ Blue Interior, very clean! ($675)(ON HOLD J.P.)


(Check Back Soon!)

(Just arrived!)  RED w/ GOLD Interior (17-601463) $ 995


000 12-fret (fits long or short scale Martin-style 000) – $1,045
WHITE w/Black interior (17-601527) – SOLD
BLUE w/ GOLD Interior (17-601410) – Just Arrived!

*** Gibson L-OO style, fits Collings C-10, Kopp NL and Waterloo WL-14 $1,045 ***

(Just Arrived!) WHITE w/ Black Interior (17-601558)

BLACK w/ Silver Interior (17-601492) (SOLD)

 BLUE GRANITE w/ Black interior (custom DEEP body C-10) (SOLD) (DA)

** Collings AT-16 arch top – $1,095 **  Burgundy w/Silver Interior (Very Nice!)  (SOLD) (AH)

** Collings SJ, Gibson J-185 – $1,195 Orange Splatter w/ Gold interior (custom) (SOLD) (SF)

*** Mandolin, F, A or Two-point Model (Right Handed) – 2017 Price: $765 ***
Yellow w/ BLACK interior  ($765)
White w/ BLUE Interior ($765)  (17-601215)
(3) Sonic Blue w/ BLACK Interior ($765)  (custom color) 
GREEN w/ BLACK Interior
 ($765)   (17-601133) (Just arrived!) SOLD B.C.)
GREEN w/ BLACK Interior ($765)  (17-601175) (Just arrived!)
BROWN w/ GOLD Interior ($765)  (17-601531)  (SOLD) (CK) (Just arrived!) 

 (Just arrived!)  BLACK w/Silver & burgundy splatter and silver interior ($965) 

Shown here: Our own custom color AMW Sonic Blue w/ Black interior



*** Gibson J35/J45/Advanced Jumbo – $1,095  (also fits Collings CJ and CJ-35 model) ***
J-45 AMW Sonic Blue w/ Black Interior ($1,095)

 J-35/J-45 White w/ BURGUNDY Interior ($1,095)  (17-601559)

(Just arrived!) – Jumbo (J-200) BLACK w/ GOLD Interior ($1,145)  (17-601604)


** Beard E-Model (Square neck) Dobro** –
(SOLD) – BLACK w silver/burgundy splatter/ SILVER Interior ($1,195)
 (SOLD)  – Shown here:

** Resonator (bluegrass) 5-string Banjo – $965 (fits Gibson, Huber, Bishline, OME, Stelling, etc) **

Orange w/Black interior   $965
(Just arrived!)  BLACK w/Silver & burgundy splatter and silver interior ($1,085) (17-601642)
(Just arrived!) GREEN w/ BLACK Interior
WHITE w/ GREEN Interior (17-601464)  (SOLD) (DW)
AMW Sonic Blue w/ Black Interior ($965): 

(Just arrived!) BURGUNDY w/ GOLD Interior (17-601410) (SOLD) (TE)


** Electric Guitar – Fits Gibson Les Paul!
(Just arrived!) – BLACK w/ Silver Interior ($995)  (17-601534) 
(Just arrived!) – WHITE w/ Black Interior ($995)  (17-601216) 

** Electric Guitar – Fits Fender Stratocaster
White w/ Black Interior ($995)  (17-601218)

 BLACK w/ BLUE Interior ($995)  (17-601578)

** Electric Guitar – Fits Fender Telecaster
(Just arrived!) – White w/ BLUE Interior ($995)  (17-601443)  (SOLD) (TD)
(Just arrived!) – BLACK w/ RED Interior ($995)  (17-601586)
(Just arrived!) – BLACK w/ GOLD Interior ($995)  (17-601536)

** Electric Guitar – Fits Gibson ES-335
(Just arrived) RED with SILVER interior $1,095

** Electric Guitar – Fits Collings best-selling I-35LC, or standard I-35
Brown splatter w/ Green Interior  (Just arrived!) $1,195

Miscellaneous section:

Taylor 515 – Black w/ Green interior (SOLD) (GC) (MARCH) (MAR)  (SOLD)


(1) USED (Canadian made) Calton case for dreadnought – $595 (light gray/off-white with blue interior)
with multiple (cosmetic only) scuffs – and previous owner’s name on badge (ON CONSIGNMENT)

(1) USED (Canadian made) Calton case for OOO – SOLD (dark gray-blue with red interior) – multiple scuffs (ON CONSIGNMENT)  (SOLD) 

USED (old Canadian style) Gray Granite w/ Blue Interior, very clean! ($675) (SOLD)