SOLD – (NEW) – OME 11″ North Star Minstrel Bluegrass 5-string banjo, Cherry, Varnish, radiused fretboard – “woody!” – SOLD

(NEW) Our best selling open back banjos are handcrafted in Boulder, CO by the good folks at OME.

We love their woody sound, and the feel and vibe of the satin varnish finish. We love the aged brass hardware, and frankly, we just love and respect the people there and love sending them the business. We’re in the love business, and the banjo business. You know what we mean. There is great satisfaction in getting a handcrafted instrument from folks you admire.

So here’s the thing. Bluegrass banjos are heavy. Ugh. Bluegrass banjos are loud. Oy!  Bluegrass banjos are rather metallic sounding. Aye, Yi, Yigh!  Now…we love Bluegrass music as much as the next guy (maybe more!) and we love the sound of a well played good loud bluegrass banjo. But it’s not right for every occasion or every player. If you are in a strong bluegrass ensemble with loud mandolin, rhythm guitar and bass, and you are called on to be the lead instrument in that ensemble, well you need a loud bluegrass banjo (and we have plenty of those to show you!)

But let’s say you are playing solo banjo on the porch, or your significant other has commented that your banjo is “really loud” (he or she does not mean that as a compliment) or let’s say you play with a small respectful ensemble of folks who know how to play at reasonable levels, or let’s just say you are tired of lugging a TWELVE POUND banjo every where you go. Oh, my aching back….

You know where I am headed with this. There are those situations where only a full weight fully tone-ringed resonator banjo will suffice. You already have one of those, or it might be under the bed because it is abusively heavy and hard to play. Perhaps your spouse has hidden it from you.

Well…we have a better alternative. We have a Figured Cherry resonator 5-string banjo with 11″ “Woody” rim, matching wooden armrest, radiused ebony fretboard, and varnish finish! 


It is a handcrafted thing of joy, and it weights barely eight and a half pounds! 


One could describe it as merely a resonator-equipped version of their North Star open back, but that would be selling it short. The varnished cherry wood and the radiused fretboard and radiused Sosabee bridge combine to make it a thing of special beauty, warmth, and sublime playability. With metal fingerpicks on, it is fully capable of loud and fast Scruggs style Bluegrass. With bare fingers it becomes a warm and full sounding clawhammer or folk banjo. With resonator removed, it becomes a clean clucking open-back. It is a versatile and charming instrument. From the good folks at OME.

MSRP: $ 3,995

AMW Price: SOLD (R.A.)