SOLD – (NEW) Chuck Lee 12″ Open Back Banjo – Prairieville with Hawkins Spring Scroll Peghead Shape, Fancy Curly Walnut, Varnish – $3,550

(NEW) Our finest old-timey open back banjos continue to come from the workshop of our friend Chuck Lee.

The banjos are honest, they are organic, and they have tone that other banjos just cannot replicate.
And Chuck Lee is a prince among men…..

We’ve been with Chuck for quite a while. We go way back….

As Chuck Lee banjos go, this is a kinda fancy one. It wears serial # 769 and features the light weight and full, earthy, warm and authentic tone that comes from Chuck’s vision, unique build style, substantial neck heel, and just a little sprinkling of banjo magic.

For some specifics, listen up!

This lovely thing is a custom 12″ Prairieville style with brass hoop tone ring, fancy curly walnut neck, walnut rim and curly rim cap with Hawkins Spring scroll peghead shape, ebony peghead veneer with Pegheds tuners, engraved Man in the Moon inlay, ebony fretboard, Long Texas frailing scoop, Dobson style heel and Chuck’s hand rubbed satin oil varnish finish.

It is a thing of beauty…nothing over the top mind you, but such a pretty thing. It invites close inspection and admiration of detail by all who encounter it.

SN # 769

AMW Price with hard case: $3,550  SOLD (MM)