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SOLD – (NEW) Bishline White Laydie 11″ Open Back 5-String Banjo! – SOLD » Acoustic Music Works

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SOLD – (NEW) Bishline White Laydie 11″ Open Back 5-String Banjo! – SOLD

(NEW) Wow!  What a gorgeous banjo! How many times a day do you expect to hear that?

Based on the tremendous success of his “Oakie” entry-level open-back, our pal Rob Bishline boldly takes it to the next level with this impeccable interpretation of the classic “Whyte Laydie” 5-string…

This banjo invites close inspection. The fit and finish rival some of the finest instruments on the market, and the quality of materials is second to none. This is a fine, fine handcrafted banjo with that signature Bishline easy playability and wonderful bright and plucky tone.

It features raw brass parts including Gotoh tuners with amber knobs, raw brass White Laydie brass tone ring, frailing scoop, African ebony headstock veneer, 2-ply maple rim with koa wood cap, koa wood binding exquisite traditional mother-of-pearl inlay and a simple but brilliant curly maple armrest!

This thing is a slam dunk, and an heirloom grade instrument at $2,925 (WITH CASE) if you are ready to engage in some  high level banjo love, I dare say we’ve got your banjo!

So Rob continues to advance his craft and win loyal followers in the open-back banjo world as well as the Bluegrass world. You and I know there will be more to come. This is, as banjos go, is straight-on traditional with wooden dowel rod, No-Knot tailpiece, and tastefully classic inlay. I’ll tell you that Rob has some real nice ideas for additional models and custom features. In the meantime, YOU should get on over here and play this banjo. It will make you a better person.

We cannot say enough good things about the people and the instruments coming from our friends in Tulsa, OK. After selling our FIFTH Oakie, we’ve been real anxious to see what’s next. This is what is next, and it does not disappoint!

SN# 0707
AMW Price: $2,925 – SOLD (MM)