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(NEW) Bishline Midnight Moon – Fabulous Custom Maple Banjo! – $4,695 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Bishline Midnight Moon – Fabulous Custom Maple Banjo! – $4,695

(NEW) Quickly becoming our favorite bluegrass banjo to get real creative with regard to custom features, we are proud to feature the Bishline brand from our pal Rob Bishline in Tulsa, OK.

Bishline Midnight Moon Video!

The fit and finish of these banjos rivals the finest (and costliest) instruments on the market and the tone is responsive, strong, musical, and versatile. The playability is unmatched. We simply cannot get enough of them.

If you saw any of our recent highly customized Midnight Moon models, which sold quickly, you’ll really get a jolt out of this “next” one where we again challenge Mr. Bishline to just “go wild”, and literally order the banjo we’d order for ourselves…

What is it?  Thanks for asking.  It’s a Bishline custom Midnight Moon banjo with flathead tone ring, koa binding, and custom Birdseye Maple full moon, walnut landscape, and moonlight stain on the resonator! Add to that lovely display of banjo-art our “normal” custom features of radiused fretboard and hardwood (chosen to complement koa binding) armrest, not to mention ebony-knobbed gold plated premium tuning machines – and you’ll get some idea of where we are going with this banjo. Note: Our flash photography exaggerates the look of the neck of the banjo. While it represents the figure in the neck very well – it makes the neck appear lighter than it actually is. While the black stain is somewhat translucent, the neck – in the real world – is darker than it appears in the photos. Nuff said?

It looks fantastic. It sounds fantastic. It plays like butter…

Bishline Midnight Moon custom Maple  SN # 1521

AMW Price: $4,695 with Bishline case