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SOLD – (USED) Cosmetically-Bruised LEFT-HANDED Collings C-10 Custom Sunburst, DEEP-BODY! – $3,000 » Acoustic Music Works

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SOLD – (USED) Cosmetically-Bruised LEFT-HANDED Collings C-10 Custom Sunburst, DEEP-BODY! – $3,000

(USED)  Another day, another cool Collings guitar available at AMW!

Here is a ten-year-oldheavily “personalized” LEFT-HANDED deep body rosewood C-10 with Sitka spruce top in sunburst.


It “appears” the guitar was played aggressively with a thumb pick, or used to fend off an angry spouse or heckler. There are LOTS of deep scratches and gouges in the general picking area (and some that are a bit outside of the “normal” picking area, but who put me in charge of “normal”?)  It “appears” that the fire-stripe pick guard was then replaced (or perhaps installed for the first time to cover some of the abuse, while leaving the scene of the crime….

Truth be told, there has been no such abuse. As Elaine on our favorite Seineld episode exclaimed, the “damage” is Fake! Fake! Fake!

This guitar has been “relic’d” by an aspiring artist. We wish he hadn’t….but alas, he did.

Oh no, he didn’t…oh yes, he did…


So..if you are one those people who prefers their guitars to look bullied and well scratched (but structurally sound) and with lots of character, and who happens to be LEFT-HANDED, we have a prize for you.

1 and 3/4″ nut width C-10 guitar with “relic” nickel Waverly tuners, 2 and 3/16″ saddle spacing and standard 25.5″ scale length. Deep (dreadnought depth) rosewood body, Sitka spruce top, great Collings sunburst and BELLY bridge.

The end pin (plugged) indicates that the guitar had a pickup at one time. But, it has been removed and the end pin (Stew Mac) plug installed. There is a strap button installed as well. And of course, we can install a pickup if you like.

The custom guitar would retail for about $5,200 if ordered today. It is yours here, used for a little over half of that, at $2,950 (with case).

Here we go again: This is pretty much all the guitar any old dog could ever want for fingerstyle blues, Americana, singer-songwriter, a little Western Swing, and acoustic rock. And this one is for a southpaw!!


Serial #11483

AMW Price: $2,950  (SOLD)