SOLD – (USED) (2006) Randy Lucas LD-28 Wedge Dreadnaught, Brazilian Rosewood, Rare – Special! – SOLD


Here’s something you don’t see every day! 

Excellent (8.5 of 10) condition. Here is a vintage style guitar by one of our favorite builder, Randy Lucas of Columbus, Indiana. Randy was one of the hottest builders (with longest waiting lists) among flat pickers during the 1990’s and early 2000’s and has broadened his appeal in recent years and does not focus strictly on “traditional” dreadnoughts and the like these days. But no one builds a finer vintage-style dreadnought than Mr. Lucas. 

But this one has a big old surprise. Rather than being a conventional 14-fret square-shouldered dreadnought, this one features the Manzer Wedge, a unique and original design innovation by Linda Manzer.

The “Wedge” is a true design innovation: a slight tapering of the guitar body that makes the strings easier for a player to see, and makes the instrument more comfortable to play, while causing little or no change in the tone.

If you’ve got a SORE SHOULDER, the Wedge is your answer!

The body of this Lucas LD-28 “dreadnought” tapers in the upper bout from 4 inches to 3.5 inches, and in the lower bout from 4.5 inches to 3.75 inches. It is a very well balanced “large” guitar that feels a lot like an OM in ones lap. The sound is slightly less bass-dominant than we would expect a standard (non-wedge) LD-28 to be. It’s rich. It’s focused.
And It’s s-o-o-o comfortable! 

Even though they are lightly built, like all true vintage-style guitars, the Lucas guitars have earned a reputation for stability and road-worthiness. They are not frighteningly light, fragile, or under-built like some guitars of that ilk. However, they are, of course, delicately hand-crafted and should be treated as the fine things they are.

The specs on this individual LD-28 are as follows:

– 1-3/4″ Nut / 2 and 5/16″ saddle spacing / cut thru saddle
– Waverly nickel tuners
– Nice Soft V neck, wonderful neck profile with vintage-style rolled shoulders
– Bone nut/saddle and bridge pins
– Superb Adirondack spruce top.  Randy cuts and Air drys his own wood
– Brazilian is pre CITES 1960’s Martin stock– straight grained and quatersawn
– No tongue brace
– Small maple bridgeplate tucked under the braces like Pre War Martins
– All Hide Glue construction
– Pre War scalloped forward shifted Adirondack bracing
– Wedge body (OM thickness on bass side, Close to dread – 4 .5″ thickness on the treble side)
– Strap button installed

– Custom Cedar Creek case

The guitar is eleven years old and has been played, so is not pristine, but it’s fine! It has normal signs and scuffs of having been enjoyed.


As with all Brazilian Rosewood guitars, this instrument CANNOT be shipped outside of the USA. 

AMW Price: SOLD, C.A.)