(USED) Early (1994) Collings BRAZILIAN Rosewood OOO2H Custom – No Logo – $7,250

(Just arrived)  (USED) We are privileged to “handle” many fine Collings guitars every year.  This one is special. It was built in the original Collings shop in April of 1994 (serial #1355) and was ordered specifically WITHOUT the Collings logo on the slotted headstock. It does have, however, a very cool vintage-inspired “hot stamp” of the Collings logo on the reverse side of the headstock. We believe it to be one-of-a-kind. It is a 12-fret OOO with 1 and 13/16″ nut width and a pyramid bridge.

It has some highly figured (beautiful, really) Brazilian Rosewood that was rated grade “A” back then. In addition to the visually stunning Brazilian Rosewood it has some equally stunning w-i-d-e grain Adirondack spruce. It has been played – it IS 23 years young, after all, so has some pick scratches where the pick guard would be, but it has no pick guard. Do not let that stop you from owning an interesting piece of Collings history: a one-off custom 12 fret Braz OOO that looks a bit incognito without the logo.

The owner (consignor) has decided to “thin the herd” and has consigned several fine custom guitars during our Brrr-zillian promotion with his buddies at AMW.  Lucky us! Lucky you!  The condition is excellent. Given that it is twenty-three  years young, its condition is EXCELLENT PLUS.

So…have some fun with this VERY special Collings OOO2HBaA (A grade Brazilian rosewood with positively stellar ADIRONDACK spruce) 1 and 13/16″ nut, pyramid bridge, and beautifully exotic Brazilian rosewood logo-less headstock veneer.

Totally unique, one-of-a-kind, impressive on multiple levels, and a fun and unusual piece for any Collings aficionado!

With (non-original) hard shell case.

SN #1355 (1994)

Pre-Owned, ON CONSIGNMENT (No trades, PLEASE !)

AMW Price: $7,250