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(USED) E. A. Foley Brazilian Rosewood MC model Mid-Size Cutaway, Abalone Everywhere! – $9,250 » Acoustic Music Works

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(USED) E. A. Foley Brazilian Rosewood MC model Mid-Size Cutaway, Abalone Everywhere! – $9,250

(USED) Here’s something you don’t see every day: A Brazilian Rosewood guitar by E.A. Foley that re-defines the word “fancy”. When we say fancy, let me say I have not seen this much pearl since well…..ever!

This appears to be a model M-C , a 16″ lower bout (4″ body depth) model M with cutaway.

It was built in 1993 and is inscribed on the underside of the top: E.A. Foley 9/5/93 “Hello Tennessee!” I’ll let you ponder what that might indicate.

The guitar is serial #92. You can take a trip to the Foley Guitar website and see the long and impressive list of artists who play his guitars.  But back to this guitar:

My golly it’s got abalone in places we didn’t even recognize as places. Every nook and cranny has abalone inlay! The pick guard is abalone! The peg head veneer is abalone! The peg head has abalone purling! The ebony tuner knobs are inlaid with abalone. the heel cap is abalone! Everywhere one looks, one finds more abalone shell! Front, back, sides, top, bottom, and all around the OVAL sound hole!

So..it’s got abalone. That much is certain. But it also has sound! It’s got a high end Brazilian Rosewood voice with what we suppose is a bearclaw-European spruce top. The sound is rich, refined, lush, and clear. Not boomy, but very present.

The fit and finish is very good, but not in the same league as some of today’s top production shops. The interior shows glue squeeze-out, buffing compound residue, and other bits of evidence of true hand-crafstmanship.

Here’s the thing: This guitar has been played, but not abused.It’s got light scratches but nothing serious, certain nothing structural. It may be the ultimate stage guitar. Embrace the mojo!

It is our first Foley. While we have heard good things about the builder, we admit to being very impressed with the tone and playability. We also admit to being temporarily stunned when we first opened the case and saw the pearl, but even though she’s all dressed up, she can still dance!

So…enough said. It’s a fine sounding twenty-three year old Brazilian rosewood Foley Brazilian MC guitar for just the right person. Are you that person?

Sorry, no international shipment available. US sales only. The guitar is built with BRAZILIAN ROSEWOOD

For those of you who ask to be called when something VERY SPECIAL arrives? Consider yourself called! 

Serial #92 (1993)
The guitar must be sold within the U.S.A – It is here on consignment. We cannot accept trades on this guitar.

Normal AMW Price: $10,250 with tweed case
AMW Sale Price: $9.250