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SOLD – (USED, 2003) Collings D2HBaaaA, Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce, Quartersawn Woods, Very Special! – SOLD » Acoustic Music Works

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SOLD – (USED, 2003) Collings D2HBaaaA, Brazilian Rosewood, Adirondack Spruce, Quartersawn Woods, Very Special! – SOLD

(JUST ARRIVED, and quite special) 

Here’s one of the best things to happen to us so far this year (2017) 

Excellent (9.5 of 10) condition. Here is a model that we know extremely well, having sold hundreds of them in various configurations over the years. It is the flagship of the Collings line, the estimable Collings D2H. This one is the top of that line, a D2H with AAA grade Brazilian Rosewood and Adirondack spruce, hence the BaaaA moniker. Now we’ve sold lots of the Brazilian D2H’s but we cannot remember one with “better” wood. This guitar (13 years young) has some of the best, dead straight grained quarter sawn Brazilian we’ve ever seen, and we’ve seen a lot! 

Just in time for our annual cold-weather Brrrr-zillian promotion, this guitar which had been fairly priced at $8,000, has been reduced to $7,450 for a quick “Brrrr-zillian sale. Every year we sell a couple of dozen Brazilians during this February promotion and folks have started searching us out for a solid place to entrust and consign a precious piece of lumber.

What distinguishes this particular guitar, in addition to GREAT sound is the near-prefect straight grained Brazilian. While we ourselves do not find figured wood to be objectionable in the least, we do understand and appreciate the fascination with the perfectly straight stuff!  The condition of this fine collectible is 9.5 of 10 with only a few light lacquer impressions on the top.

The nut width is the highly desirable 1 and 3/4″ and the saddle spacing is 2 and 3/16″. Other than that it is just the classic specs of a Collings D2H: herringbone purfling, zig-zag backstrip, Waverly nickel tuners, bone nut and saddle, standard modified V neck profile. It is well set up and sounds fantastic. It comes with the original Collings (TKL) case.

Check out the photos, then check out your bank balance. Certain guitar are just “worth it” and this is one of them.

We do not say this often, but when we do you should listen: For those of you who ask to be called when something “special” arrives, consider yourself called! 

The guitar is thirteen years old and has been played, so is not pristine, but the condition is excellent +. There are no negatives about this guitar whatsoever. No apologies.


As with all Brazilian Rosewood guitars, this instrument CANNOT be shipped outside of the USA. 

SN # 8413

AMW Price: (SOLD) (PR)