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(USED, MINT) Collings C10, Sitka, Walnut – $3,125 » Acoustic Music Works

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(USED, MINT) Collings C10, Sitka, Walnut – $3,125

(USED, MINT) You know how we love the Collings C-10 model. It wears many hats and does everything well. So, when Collings told us he had “discovered” that Black walnut was an excellent tonewood for (smaller) guitars, we jumped on the bandwagon and ordered the basic C-10 model in Black walnut – because we care. Sure enough, the walnut adds yet another dimension of versatility to the C-10 L-OO style guitar – a little less dry and bluesy than mahogany. A little more lush, but not “wet” if you know what we mean. For the person who has everything, here is one you do not have. It is warm. It is sensitive. It is a Collings. This is the “base” (1 and 11/16″) no-frills C-10. The only option ordered are the Waverly tuners, which require no explanation There is no upcharge (yet) for walnut, so it is priced as a mahogany/sitka guitar would be. We think it sounds best played fingerstyle, but it is no sissy, and it can be flatpicked, it is a Collings, after all.


This guitar is NOS and is being sold as USED, WITHOUT FACTORY WARRANTY.

Serial # 20842
Normal AMW Price: $3,780
AMW Price: $3,125

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com