SOLD – (NEW) Kevin Kopp “The Bird” prototype (Hummingbird-style) cherry burst – $5,400 (SOLD)


We had a very good cutomer ask us where we would “go looking” if we wanted to get a truly magnificent handcrafted guitar that would satisfy the itch for a Gram Parsons/Keith Richards style (1963-ish) cherry “Hummingbird”. The Hummingbird has always been a revered singer-songwriter and folk guitar, a new shape for Gibson at the time, designed to go after the square-shoulder dread market that Martin dominated then (and now). We’ve all played a few good vintage ones, but sadly we’ve all played some pretty uninspiring ones as well.

So, of course we rang up our buddy Kevin Kopp and asked him if he’d accept the challenge of a new model (for him) and build us the prototype “Bird”. He would, and he did, and six months later, here she is, in all her authentic cherry-sunburst glory. Kevin has given us THE BIRD. Suffice it to say it pleases on so many levels. It is gorgeous. It plays beautifully. It sound exactly as we hoped she would – very balanced, with a woody and beautiful blend of notes without any hot spots or overpowering bass or midrange. Just what the doctor ordered. Kevin enjoyed the challenge, and says  we’ve added a new model to his line. We take pleasure in that.


It’s all Kevin Kopp with his characteristic authentic hand rubbed alcohol sunburst, hand painted and hand engraved custom (slightly under-sized) pick guard, and relic Waverly tuners (which are also made right there in Bozeman Montana, where Kevin lives and works.)  The guitar is light as a feather and a thing of beauty.


This one was pre-sold, but we’d be glad to have Kevin build another one, for you perhaps?

SN # 0134116

AMW Price: $5,400 (SOLD) (JT)