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(NEW) Collings OM2HMRA-T Traditional Series OM, MadRose with Torrefied Red Spruce – SOLD » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Collings OM2HMRA-T Traditional Series OM, MadRose with Torrefied Red Spruce – SOLD

So… What’s new under the Sun?

Oh just this: Collings has decided to offer a new lighter and warmer “traditional” version of his dreadnought and orchestra model guitars. Here’s what Ol’ Bill has to say about them:

“In the early and mid-70s, I was thinking about how to make guitars that would hold up better than most of the ones that came across my repair bench. I wanted to make guitars that were powerful, had more volume, and would last for a hundred years because they were built right. I made them so that when you put in a little, they would give you more than you put in! They had a fast attack and a sparkle to them. Now, maybe because I’m older or because I’ve been studying old guitars for the Waterloo project, I’m listening differently. I’m hearing things that could be done a little different, something a little warmer and rounder. These new guitars have a more fundamental sound; they take things in a different direction than we’ve gone before.”
– Bill Collings

The new Traditional or “T” Series of dreadnought and OM guitars reflect Bill Collings’ return to his guitar making roots and offer a new tonal variation on the distinctive Collings sound. Prompted by the development of the depression-era inspired Waterloo guitars, Bill had an idea for a new series of Collings guitars that would possess a strong fundamental tonal response characteristic of vintage guitars from the 1930s era.


Each T Series guitar is built using animal protein glue and a very thin all-nitrocellulose lacquer finish on the body, making them exceptionally dynamic and responsive. Bracing and tone woods are adjusted for weight and thickness to create a voicing characterized by warm rounded highs and a present low midrange, while retaining a quick attack and strong projection. The T Series models also feature a new Traditional neck profile based on our Vintage Now neck, but with a slightly more tapered carve and rolled fingerboard edges. Vintage-inspired appointments include gold mother of pearl inlays with maple/rosewood purflings for 1-style guitars and small brown herringbone purflings for 2H-style guitars.


One of the most exciting elements of the Traditional Series is the inclusion of the new vintage-inspired Collings hardshell cases. Each Traditional Series guitar will come with one of these handmade lightweight cases designed and built in the Collings shop. The vintage-style construction and fit of each of these new cases is perfectly matched to the instrument it contains. The pairing of these new Traditional guitars and cases makes for a combination of old world quality and aesthetic that is unprecedented among instruments available today.

This particular OM2H guitar features torrefied ADIRONDACK Spruce top over some select Madagascar Rosewood. This traditional series guitar will features SITKA spruce braces and will be built without a tongue brace.

Serial # 26280 (with Collings case # M121)
MSRP: $ 7,500
AMW Price: SOLD (JV)