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(USED) Collings OM1 Traditional, OM1-T, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany – SOLD » Acoustic Music Works

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(USED) Collings OM1 Traditional, OM1-T, Sitka Spruce, Mahogany – SOLD

(USED) Just in on trade, a guitar that we sold “new” just a month or so ago!

If the sound of a standard Collings is a bit “bright” or “modern” for your ears, take a look at the new Traditional line.  These instruments have a number of spec adjustments and construction nuances that give them a warmer, more vintage-inspired tone, right out of the box.  The midrange is dialed back ever-so-slightly, and there is an emphasis on bass and overall responsiveness that will leave vintage guitar fans (and current Collings owners like us) quite impressed.

From a construction perspective, the Traditionals have a lighter overall build style, with a slightly tweaked bracing pattern and animal glue construction.  They have a new, beefier neck carve (a close cousin to Collings’ “Vintage Now” neck profile) that adds neck mass and sustain to the instrument.  There is a new rosette design, a cut-through bone saddle and Stew Mac unslotted “tortoise” bridge pins.  The finish is thinner, and is pure nitrocellulose (no vinyl sealer on neck or body).  The fingerboard edges have been rolled slightly for a more vintage feel.

This particular OM is a screamer, with a big, rich, woody low end.  It’s highly responsive, sensitive to the most dynamic playing.  The Sitka top has a tight, uniform grain and the mahogany is up to Collings’ usual *perfect* standard, uniform in color.  It’s a lifetime guitar, any way you slice it, it does everything well.

Includes Collings-made traditional case, a work of art in and of itself!

Serial #27270
AMW Price: $3,575 (SOLD S.B.)