(NEW) Collings C-10 Blackface, Spanish Mountain Cedar with Engelmann Spruce, Rope Purfling – $5,130

(NEW)  Another day, another reason to talk about how much we like Collings guitars….

When I first imagined this guitar – a few days before I called the custom order into Collings, I thought about a cool little cowboy guitar with rope purling and black face. I thought about some nicely figured Mountain Cedar and how sweet this guitar would sound with a pillowy soft Engelmann spruce top. We take our BLACK guitars very seriously around here, so we needed to be extra playful with this one…

So what’d we get?  A Stage guitar, a playful diversion, and any cowgirl’s best friend. The perfect guitar for a lonesome night poking the campfire after poking some cattle, or after a long subway ride after working all day at the stock exchange.

1 and 11/16″ nut width C-10 guitar with ebony-knobbed nickel Schallers, beautifully figured Mountain Cedar, and the voice that only the Earl of Engelmann can produce. It’s one sweet thing.

Here we go again: This is pretty much all the guitar any old dog could ever want for fingerstyle blues, Americana, singer-songwriter, a little Western Swing, and acoustic rock.

Serial #23398
MSRP: $5,700… AMW Price: $5,130