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(NEW) Collings C-10 A ss Short Scale, Torrefied – “Cooked” Sugar Maple and Adirondack spruce – $5,825 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Collings C-10 A ss Short Scale, Torrefied – “Cooked” Sugar Maple and Adirondack spruce – $5,825

(NEW)  Another day, another reason to talk about how much we like Collings guitars….

What’s new under the Sun at Collings?  Listen up.

So…several builders, with whom we have been closely aligned, have been making hay while the Sun shines with a new “torrefaction” process wherein instrument woods, primarily Adirondack spruce tops, are “cooked” in an oxygen free kiln to achieve a new fullness of sound and dimension of dryness, stiffness, responsiveness, and well…age.  Face it, we all want our new guitars to sound old, open, broken in, mature and expressive.  We’ve now handled about thirty of these cooked top guitars from Dana Bourgeois and Huss & Dalton, all with very satisfying results. We consider it a whole new product category.

Collings, steadfastly adverse to gimmicks, is open-minded, playful and curious as always and has turned his attention to the matter. Rather than just experimenting with guitar *tops*, Collings has decided to push the envelope and cook the woods for the body and the top, and they’ve decided to focus on maple guitars with Adirondack tops for the time being.

Enter this Collings C10, with Adirondack spruce top, and spectacular looking figured maple back and sides, with a earthy dark coloration that comes right from the Slo-cooker. Just another world-class warm yet feisty blues guitar from the best shop in the world, that’s all. Nothin’ fancy.

So, how’s it sound?  It sounds real good. It sounds like every maple/Adirondack Short Scale Collings C-10 we’ve heard, but we have to admit that – for a new guitar – it has less “edginess” and stridency. Tonally it is a bit mellower, or perhaps more sweetly balanced, with less compressed boxiness than the standard L-OO shape normally conveys. It is not a stark change or a new voice. Age?  Call it early-onset mojo. It is a pleasant new way of serving up a familiar dish.

Visually, it is a kick in the butt, slap in the face, knock-down gorgeous guitar that looks sixty years old and brand new at the same time.

What kind of blues do you have?  We feel ya.

This is pretty much all the guitar any old dog could ever want for fingerstyle blues, Americana, singer-songwriter, a little Western Swing, and acoustic rock. The nut width is 1 and 11/16″. It is a GREAT sounding guitar.

We’ve had several other “cooked” Collings, by the way, including a maple/Adi tenor guitar (!) and an O1 Maple/A 12-fret. We’re also promised a VARNISH CJ with cocked Adirondack over MadRose and a plain-Jane cooked sitka OM1…Stay tuned!

Serial #23198
MSRP: $6,475… AMW Price: $5,825