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(NEW) Bourgeois Soloist – Aged Tone, Brazilian RW, Adirondack Spruce, Hide Glue – $9,355 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Bourgeois Soloist – Aged Tone, Brazilian RW, Adirondack Spruce, Hide Glue – $9,355

(NEW)  No discussion of Orchestra model guitars is complete without a spirited discussion regarding the Bourgeois “Soloist”. Dana Bourgeois knows wood. And Dana is considered THE expert where soundboard voicing is concerned. The re-birth and popularity of OM-28 style guitars in general owes much to Dana Bourgeois’ 38 years of involvement in the guitar industry.

The Bourgeois “Soloist” is normally a European  topped lightly crafted, exquisitely voiced fingerstyle guitar and the overall voicing is ideally suited for a serious fingerstyle player moreso than a ham-fisted white-knuckled flatpicker.

But when Dana Bourgeois turned the acoustic guitar industry ON ITS EAR  eighteen months ago with the introduction of his AGED TONE guitars, several customers immediately inquired: “When will Dana take a special order for an AGED TONE Adirondack spruce topped Soloist?,” we set to peppering and pestering Dana with that very question.

Long story short: The wait is over. The guitar is here. The rest is history. 

Here we have a SUPERB fingerstyle orchestra model suitable for the finest player. 1 and 3/4″ nut width, pyramid bridge, the distinctive Soloist heel inlay, gold plated Waverly tuners with ebony buttons, soft cutaway, premium fossil ivory bridge pins and specially selected choice straight grained quartersawn BRAZILIAN rosewood. Since it is an “AT” model, it has the special Aged Tone finish and hot hide glue construction. It is a top of the pyramid Soloist and a top of the food chain fingerstyle guitar. If you’ve contemplated a Soloist, but felt a lightly crafted European top “might” restrict you from digging in, we present this Aged Tone Adirondack braced-Adirondack spruce topped Soloist. This guitar retains the responsiveness of its Soloist brethren, but adds that dimension of HEADROOM that comes only with the Holy Grail of Tonewoods –  Adirondack spruce.

So…after annoying you with the obligatory cliche about this guitar being more than the sum of its parts,  let us just say that If you like the “idea” of a Soloist and the “idea” of Aged Tone, we’ve got your solution right here:  Seriously.

Serial # 7142

MSRP: $10,395
AMW Price:$9,355…

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com