(NEW) Bourgeois JOM-T, Jumbo OM, Large Soundhole, Aged Tone Adirondack Top, Guatemalan Rosewood B/S – $7,375

(NEW) As supplies of the traditionally beloved tropical timbers like Brazilian rosewood, Madagascar rosewood etc continue to dwindle, we and our manufacturers continue to seek out new sources of amazing tone.  For a guitar to have the “it factor” that combines looks, sound and feel into something greater than the sum of its parts, everything has to come together perfectly.  Building perfect guitars has never been a problem for Dana and the crew at Bourgeois Guitars, and we’re happy to present something very special in this JOM-T.

This lovely instrument takes the form of our favorite new shape, the JOM-T.  Dana’s Jumbo Orchestra Model has long been a favorite of fingerstyle players, and is a very versatile “all-rounder” for just about any style.  The new Thin Body option retains the depth of a standard OM, but on the bigger JOM box.  Combined with an enlarged soundhole, the resulting guitar not only looks and feels incredible, but the sound is massive!  This guitar isn’t as loud as a dreadnought, it’s LOUDER than most dreadnoughts!  Truly a wonder.

The Adirondack top and the braces are torrefied to provide an aged, more broken-in sound and quicker response.  Guatemalan rosewood is a new one for us, and aside from being very easy on the eyes, it provides a rich, complex sound akin to the aforementioned Braz and Madroses of the world.  Lush without being unfocused, exactly the way we like it.  This box really rumbles!  It can take anything you can dish out, sounding equally at home with a heavy strum or a delicate fingerstyle approach.

We’ve always had a soft spot for the “snake head” headstock, as it appeared on most of Dana’s earliest instruments, and we love the way that it functionally improves tuning stability by having the strings pass straight over the nut with angling left or right… that means no strings getting bound up in the nut.

This guitar is long scale, with a a 1 23/32″ nut and 2.2″ string spacing at the saddle.  It has gold Waverly tuners with ebony buttons, ivoroid neck and body binding, bone bridge pins and a fast, satin-finished neck.  It plays as good as it sounds, and it sounds as good as it looks, and you can’t ask for much more than that!  The latest and greatest from our friends up in Maine.

Serial #7924
List Price: $8,195… AMW Price: $7,375 

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