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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Vintage Dreadnought with cutaway! – $6,185 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Vintage Dreadnought with cutaway! – $6,185

Just Arrived here from NAMM – 2015 NAMM Show Guitar! 

(NEW) We are happy to present another outstanding Aged Tone guitar from the one and only Dana Bourgeois. Torrefied or “cooked” top guitars have taken the guitar world by storm, and after selling well over three dozen in the last two years, we’re happy to tell you: THEY ARE THE REAL DEAL!

For the last few years of his life, Doc Watson was seen playing his special Bourgeois guitar almost exclusively. The unique cutaway-dreadnought was an 80th birthday gift to Doc from his good pal, Ricky Skaggs. Though there was no official acknowledgement and never any attempt to capitalize on the gift with a “Doc Watson” model offering, it did force us to inquire: WHY won’t anyone build us a dreadnought with a cutaway for goodness sake? Well, fast forward a few years, lots of tears and beers over the loss of Doc, and Dana finally gave into our persistent requests with a new offering – a cutaway dread!

Now, this is no ordinary dreadnought. It is a COOKED (“torrefied”) top rosewood dreadnought, very similar to Doc’s (though Doc’s was not cooked – the process had not been perfected yet) with cooked braces and double-scalloped BANJO-KILLER bracing. What we have is a loud, warm, relaxed, and real “vintage” sounding Bourgeois. If you’ve spent any time reading this website and doing any research on Bourgeois guitars, you’ve read that Bourgeois guitars are always balanced, articulate, never boomy, and slightly “modern” sounding (in a good way). Well, here we have the “boomiest” Bourgeois we’ve ever heard. And we mean that in the best possible way. Listen: If you like “boomy” guitars (and you know who you are) you will love this guitar. We love this guitar. If you like “boomy” guitars but wish you could find one with a cooked top, cooked braces, bolt-on graphite reinforced neck, CUTAWAY (!) and other modern enhancements, look no further. If you want to kill banjos (and who doesn’t?) this might be your dreadnought. If you want to have one foot in 2015 and one foot in 1945, this might be your dreadnought!

Torrefaction is a process wherein the wood is cured in an oxygen-free kiln. This “cooks” away the volatiles in the wood, the saps and sugars that would naturally leave the wood over the course of many decades. By combining this process with hide glue construction, a newly developed ultra-thin finish, and his legendary top voicing expertise, Mr. Bourgeois is able to build a guitar that has the dryness, volume and response of the best vintage instruments, while retaining the balance, clarity and unmistakeable tone that Bourgeois guitars are famous for. The cooking also imbues the wood with its golden-brown color… no stain or vintage toner required.

1 23/32″ bone nut and 2.2″ string spacing at the compensated bone saddle. Cosmetics include ivoroid binding, Madagascar Rosewood peghead overlay, and ivoroid bridge pins. (which can be upgrade to bone for $50)

So let’s get cooking! Aged Tone is here to stay. Come and experience what all the fuss is about!

Note: Thanks to Ryan @ Bourgeois for the great photos of this NAMM-worthy guitar!!

Serial #6920
AMW price… $6,185

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com