SOLD – (NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone Brazilian Rosewood Dreadnought, Adirondack Top, Cooked Braces – SOLD

The best sounding Bourgeois dreadnoughts are his Aged Tone dreadnoughts.

It’s that simple. In the case of this guitar: Is it the OLD salvaged quartersawn Brazilian rosewood? Is it the torrefied Adirondack spruce top? Is it the torrefied Adirondack bracing? Is it the fossil ivory parts? Is it the hide glue? Is it the Aged Tone process? Is it Dana Bourgeois’ voicing? Or “All of the above?”

Yup, all of it.


We’ve sold almost fifty Aged Tone, torrefied, or otherwise “cooked” top guitars now. There really is no comparison. As new guitars go, the torrefied topped ones sound more broken in, louder, more expressive and more resonant. They just do. Come…compare for yourself.

Serial #7157.…

MSRP: $ 9,695