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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone OM, Brazilian Rosewood, hide glue, Adirondack Spruce – $8,815 » Acoustic Music Works

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(NEW) Bourgeois Aged Tone OM, Brazilian Rosewood, hide glue, Adirondack Spruce – $8,815

(NEW) OK now…We’ve had three dozen of the Bourgeois Aged Tone guitars now, and each one has been SPECTACULAR. For those of you who were on the fence about the Torrefaction process, you may have noticed that many other builders have now jumped on the bandwagon, but Dana Bourgeois is still the only one offering his “Aged Tone” process involving torrefied top wood, hide glue construction, and thin cyano finish.

JUST ARRIVED, then at your favorite lumber emporium is the modern equivalent of a vintage OM-28 “style” guitar, a Brazilian rosewood AGED TONE Bourgeois OM. Trust us: If a professional grade, contest level Brazilian OM is your thing: This vintage-style Brazilian OM with Adirondack top, Adirondack braces, and hide glue construction is about as good as a guitar can be. Features include: 1 and 3/4″ nut width, belly bridge, antique walrus ivory bridge pins, herringbone purfling and crosscut ivoroid body binding.

If you’d like to be part of this AGED TONE celebration, keep an eye on these pages. We’ll say it one more time: We like our guitars old. These new Bourgeois Aged Tone guitars sound old. Face it, old guitars sound better, and folks in the guitar industry are forever trying to find a secret elixir, a time machine, and all manner of things to try to get these shiny new guitars to sound 60 years old – to sound “aged”. Dana Bourgeois’ new “Aged Tone” guitars are the real deal. Count us among the converted. Long story short: Dana’s expertly voiced tops are heated (“roasted”, cooked”, “baked”, “thermally cured” – choose your verb) in an oxygen-free kiln until they turn a golden brown. The wood stiffens, and gets lighter in weight while it goes through some structual and tonal transformation. Then the guitars are finished with an ultra-thin and hard cyanoacrylate finish and constructed with hide glue. Fast forward to our showroom and your ears: The guitars have an explosively resonant fullness that goes beyond “volume”.

Thanks to Ryan Fitzsimmons at Bourgeois Guitars for the great photos!

“Lots” more Aged Tone guitars on order. Ready for the brass ring? You and I need to talk.

Serial #7056

MSRP: $9,795

AMW Price: $8,815