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(USED) Huss & Dalton TDR Custom, Adirondack Top – $3,595 » Acoustic Music Works

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(USED) Huss & Dalton TDR Custom, Adirondack Top – $3,595

(USED) The classic traditional dreadnought. No one builds a finer traditional dreadnought than Huss & Dalton. This big old rosewood powerhouse is positively magnificent with big “vintage” tone to match. Big open locomotive bass and strong trebles. A mighty fine bluegrass rhythm or strumming guitar. This one was ordered with drop-in saddle instead of the standard cut thru saddle and without any aging toner so the beautiful Red spruce (and it *is* beautiful) shines like the sun. Huge sound with great clarity. This is a GREAT guitar! This would be the anchor of a hot bluegrass picking session for sure. If you are looking for a great bluegrass dreadnought and if you haven’t tried one of these, your search is not yet complete. Bang, zoom! Ka-channnggg! This guitar really has what it takes.

Very clean condition – the buyer traded it back towards a Brazilian rosewood version of the same guitar!

Serial #2192
List: $5,165…

AMW Price: $3,595  (USED)

Financing available through AFFIRM when purchased via Reverb.com