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About Acoustic Music Works (AMW) » Acoustic Music Works

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About Acoustic Music Works (AMW)

Acoustic Music Works is that cool guitar shop at the corner of Murray Ave. and Phillips Ave. in the Squirrel Hill section of Pittsburgh –  a “local” brick and mortar store with a worldwide customer base.

The shop includes two great teaching studios: Becks Guitar Studio and the mandolin studio of Charley Rappaport.

Acoustic Music Works keeps about five hundred fretted instruments in stock. These include the finest factory built steel string and resonator guitars, as well as a few archtops, and the very impressive electric guitars from Bill Collings. We feature the region’s best selection of professional grade steel string guitars from Collings, Huss & Dalton, Bourgeois, Baleno, Beard, Lowden, National Resophonic, and Eastman. Since we take trades and consignments, we often have great (used and vintage) Martins, Gibsons, Santa Cruz, Merrill, Froggy Bottom, Goodalls, Benedetto, Flammang, Tippin, Ryan, Olson, Lucas, Walker, Kopp, Stelling and other top brands. We also carry intermediate grade instruments from Eastman and Blueridge, and from time to time, custom guitars by individual luthiers, including our own in-house luthiers Raymond Morin and Adam Rosseau. AMW also has one of the best inventories of mandolins, banjos, and ukuleles in the USA. See us for Bishline, Stelling, Huber, Phoenix, Deering, Stiver, Chuck Lee, OME and more!

At AMW, we ship worldwide, to twelve countries and 42 states in 2013. We provide in-house repair and setup services, and build our own instruments as well.

We generally list about 80% of our inventory on the AMW website. We do reserve some items for local sale, and some high end instruments are reserved for private sale and are not listed on the website. Certain tone woods and materials are protected and restricted by international treaties and cannot be shipped outside of the USA. We buy, we sell, we trade, and we invite consignments, and we do our best to keep the website updated. The occasional price flub or typographical error should be interpreted as folksy charm, not deviousness. You’ll find no auto-responders here, all e-mails receive a personal, prompt and courteous reply. We get a *lot* of e-mail, and we reply to every message. If you don’t receive a reply, please call or try again as that means the mail server or our overly assertive spam-filter is on the fritz. Stuff happens.

For internet shoppers, we know that buying a guitar or other fretted instrument sight unseen over the phone or internet can be a bit of a “mail order bride” experience, but we have shipped close to 10,000 instruments over the last sixteen years, so it *can* be done with confidence. Please call or write. You will find everyone at AMW  to be knowledgable, honest, direct, and fair. And slightly whacky.

Please note: Brazilian rosewood guitars, and guitars containing ivory and certain pearl parts are protected by treaty and restricted for export and can be sold and shipped within the continental USA only. AMW abides by those restrictions to the letter.